School Active Shooter Response Training

Strategos International has provided School Active Shooter Response Training and Consulting for over 75,000 school, university and educational personnel in 15 states since 2007.  In addition we provide a comprehensive solutions for a wide variety of safety and security related topics for schools.  In 2007 a record response by law enforcement tactical teams at the Virginia Tech Massacre illustrated that simply training professional first responders (i.e., law enforcement, fire, EMS, etc.) on “RAPID DEPLOYMENT” and “ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE” principles and strategies is not enough.  We realized at this point that success or failure in responding effectively to armed active shooters and violent intruders will be up to the TRUE FIRST RESPONDERS which is those personnel (leadership, staff and volunteers) who are present when the attack begins.  The “TRUE FIRST RESPONDER’S proper, timely and effective response is more heavily dependent on success or failure than professional first responders.

We very much believe that a truly effective RESPONSE in responding effectively violent intruders and active shooters requires a “community based” approach in which school staff/leadership, parents, law enforcement and other emergency personnel are ALL provided with solutions that work in synergy with each other.  This is also true in the PREVENTION and AFTER ACTION preparation phases as well.

In 2014 alone we conducted numerous intruder response training evolutions all over the United States in which we trained and consulted with over 9,500 school professionals representing over 300 schools and universities.

Educating school personnel to operated effectively within safe and secure learning environments is our passion and objective for each training session and consulting service we provide.  Our instructor staff  and protection specialists possesses highly specialized expertise and extensive experiences (real world and training) that allows them to provide useful, practical strategies and solutions to schools and universities in a highly participative, effective and fun training environment.

The training we provide for school personnel focuses primarily on the PREVENTION and RESPONSE phases of preparedness.  The training and consulting solutions we offer focus on response to active shooter, recognizing behavior pattern pre-cursors to school violence, bus driver awareness and intruder response, crisis casualty medical care, recognition and reporting for parent’s and peers and physical security facility assessments.

It is important to remember when training your school staff to respond to natural and man made hazards that they be provided with “principle based” training  and strategies that can be deployed quickly and effectively utilizing gross motor skill strategies and solutions.  Fine motor skills in a crisis event will go away for your staff and personnel when it counts the most, therefore teaching them gross motor skill principles and strategies and allowing them to apply what they have learned in a realistic simulation of the real thing in scenarios and drills is critical when preparing for active shooters and violent intruders.