2-Day Arkansas Commissioned Security Officer Training Course

It is important that those churches in Arkansas that desire an armed security presence for either their existing security teams and ministries or they wish to create a security team or ministry, they understand that Arkansas law DOES NOT ALLOW carry concealed weapon holders to carry weapons on church property. The purpose of this 2-day training course is to provide those that wish to obtain “commissioned security officer “ certification for your church security personnel through the“Arkansas State Police – Board of Private Investigators & Private Security Agencies” the necessary training from Strategos International who is a certified training administrator through the Arkansas State Police B.O.P.I.P.S.A.

This course of instruction will cover required training necessary as established by Arkansas law, Act 429 of 1977 relating to armed commissioned security officers through the Arkansas State Police B.O.P.I.P.S.A.

Although this training will serve as the required and certified training to become a “commissioned security officer” within the State of Arkansas your church must still apply for Class “B”, “C” or “G” licensing within the State of Arkansas and all security personnel must pass Arkansas State Exam for Security Officers, Private Investigators and Alarm Companies. Fore more information about the licensing processes and testing requirements please visit: http://www.asp.state.ar.us/asp/pdf/PI_Security%20rules_august%202008.pdf

Required Topics Covered:

  • Legal authority of private security officers within the State of Arkansas
  • Review and familiarity of Arkansas State Police – Board of Private Investigators & Private Security Agencies – Act 429 of 1977, Rules & Regulations
  • Field Note Taking & Report Writing
  • Legal limitations on the use of firearms within the role of “armed commissioned security officer” in the State of Arkansas
  • Weapons handling and safety requirements
  • Marksmanship and range safety requirements
  • Firearms qualification

Additional Topics Covered

  • Biblical authority of protecting the flock
  • Crime trends and secular extremist threat preparation
  • Protecting the flock without compromising the “CORE MISSION” of the church
  • Selection criteria of church security/safety personnel
  • DE-ESCALATION of incidents as mission of church security
  • Importance of humility & discernment performing the function of church security
  • Awareness for prevention & capabilities for response