Church Security Planning for Leadership Personnel (8 hrs.)


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This course is intended for those in church leadership (i.e., etc.) to be provided with all of the tools needed to start a security ministry from nothing or to formalize and professionalize a security ministry already in place.

Excellent delivery and quality of presentation. There were a number of good things that were brought out as we walked through the facilities and as the demonstrations showed us techniques for maintaining control and a more secure environment. I think the course has made me more aware of security issues and well as giving me more tools to help make the church more safe.
Michael Green World Revival Church Kansas City, MO

Additionally this course will cover the importance of constructing written plan and give step by step instructions how to do so. Putting a plan for your security ministry in writing is very important because actions in a crisis will be judged under the assumption that your team reacted subjectively. A written plan allows your ministry to counter these assumptions by stating that your team DID NOT react subjectively but instead reacted objectively based on a written plan, policies and procedures that had been trained to all staff and volunteers involved. An overview of constructing and outlining a “Mission Statement”, “Biblical Authority”, “Goals & Objectives”, “Risk Assessment”, “Planning Checklists”, “Code of Conduct” and “Policies & Procedures” for your written plan are covered.

Additionally this course covers the following topics during this eight hour session.

  • Justification of a Safety & Security Ministry
  • Overcoming Objections to Protecting the Flock
  • Statistics & Trends of Crimes Against Churches
  • Challenges & Realities of Response “In Progress” Crimes
  • Armed vs. Unarmed – Pros. Vs. Cons of Armed vs. Unarmed Security Personnel
  • Personnel Selection for Security Ministries
  • History & Demographics of Violent Events in Churches
  • Active Shooter Response (Security Response vs. Leadership, Staff & Volunteers)
  • Working w/ Local Law Enforcement
  • Overview of Threats to Ministries (Intruders, Secular Extremists, Protestors, Disgruntled)
  • Pastoral/Platform Protection – Overview & Considerations
  • Physical Security Checklists & Considerations
  • Offering Collection, Protection, and Transport
  • Establishing a Medical Ministry –Overview & Considerations
  • Liability – Overview & Considerations
  • Ushers, Greeters & Parking – Including them in the Security Ministry Mission
  • Nursery Security & Safety Procedures
  • Radios & Communication Protocols & Selection
  • Developing an Outreach for Protectors – Law Enforcement, Military, Medical and Fire

All attendees receive a 75+ page workbook, risk assessment worksheet, physical security checklists & template sections for the written plan.

Who should attend?

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Business Administrators
  • Facility managers
  • Security Directors
  • Children’s Directors
  • Security Team Members
  • Staff Leadership
  • Elder

Now Missouri POST approved for 7.0 hours of continuing education!