Intruder & Active Shooter Response Training

Simply stated, the mission of Strategos International is to provide K-12 schools, universities, faith based, corporategovernment, law enforcement and military professionals the highest quality security, safety and tactical training/consulting solutions available.  Solutions that are both applicable and based in reality is critical to successfully applying these strategies and solutions when needed.

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Strategos provides training and consulting solutions on these topics specifically focused towards the “TRUE FIRST RESPONDER”.  The term “first responder” has always been reserved for those professionals (i.e., police, EMS, fire) “responding TO THE SCENE” of the emergency.  Our training and consulting solutions are specifically focused towards the “TRUE FIRST RESPONDER” which we define as those “that are already on scene when the crisis incident” begins.  Failure vs. Success is much more likely going to be determined by those on scene when the incident begins vs. traditional “first responders” whose effectiveness is severely limited simply because of the time it takes in responding to the location of the crisis incident.

Strategos International training and consulting strategies have been developed through years of “hands on” education, experience and client feedback to our founders and staff. Strategies and content are presented in a manner that is “principle based” and is designed to be customizable and scalable depending on the client’s unique requirements.

Summarized the CREED of our training and consulting services are that “CAPABILITY breeds HUMILITY”.  In other words we believe that the more TRUE capability that a person (OR organization) is given to handle situations that are otherwise stressful or crisis oriented the more humility that they will handle these situations with.  In other words crisis situations are more likely to be handled effectively and appropriately if the end user feels more capable to handle them rather than a situation unnecessarily being escalated because the end user is operating from a “fear based” mind set due to lack of capabilities received prior to the crisis incident.  We have seen that these sort of “worse case” scenario incidents around the country have created a high level of anxiety within school, workplace, faith-based other public employee personnel.  Additional benefits (other than increase response and prevention capabilities) is that preparing staff in advance through training and planning greatly reduces the amount of anxiety that is felt across the organization from those thinking, “What would I do if that were to happen here?!”.

This was amazing! I think every teacher should take this class. It prepares you much better than any college class I ever took!
AnonymousUrbana, MO
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