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Congregation takes stock after Christmas church burglary

Churches must protect themselves during the times they gather, but there is also a great risk in the many hours churches remain unoccupied. Just like any other aspect of church security, churches must be intentional and thorough in their steps to prevent break-ins like these.

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) – A Christmas crook is on the run after breaking into a Limestone County Church. It happened on the 1400 block of Browns Ferry Road at the Round Island Baptist Church. The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office said the thief broke in on Christmas Eve night or early Christmas Morning.

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Gunman kills himself, 1 other at Reno hospital


A hospital is supposed to be a place of healing, but a lack of security can quickly lead to a scene of chaos and harm. In this case, police arrived within minutes, but it was still too late for several victims. Read the story, and then learn more about what we can do to help your healthcare facility prepare for a active shooter or act of violence.

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Some fled in panic as gunshots echoed through a sprawling Reno hospital complex while others locked themselves in medical offices as dozens of police cars and SWAT teams sealed off a three-block area and heavily armed officers began a nervous room-to-room search. A suicidal gunman killed one person and critically wounded two others — including a doctor — who were rushed across the campus to emergency surgery after the intruder turned the gun on himself Tuesday.

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Iowa mom arrested for post threatening shooting at son’s school

Schools need to be aware of and monitor their facilities, but this story shows that it also serves them well to monitor Facebook and other forms of social media.

(Reuters) – An Iowa mother is facing criminal charges for a message posted on Facebook that threatened a school shooting in retaliation for bullying against her 15-year-old son. Teri Pallat, 39, of Council Bluffs, Iowa was arrested on Monday and charged with making a “terroristic threat” and harassment for allegedly warning school administrators that they would be to blame if her son shot up Lewis Central High School, where he was a sophomore.

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Police say they thwarted shooting plot at colorado school

Anytime that there is a high-profile school shooting, schools are especially at risk of copycat shooters. That risk nearly became a reality for this southern Colorado school, but thanks to quick action by school employees, no shots were ever fired.

Just a week after a disaffected teen severely wounded a fellow student at his Colorado high school before killing himself, police arrested two other boys Friday on suspicion of plotting to similarly shoot up their high school in the same state.

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Credit cards stolen from group singing carols at DC church

Churches not only need to prepare for the violent intruder, but also for those simply taking advantage of an easy opportunity. In this case, the simple locking of a door probably would have prevented the theft, and there are so many other simple steps like this that your church can take to be protected.

They were singing Christmas carols at a church to raise money for the homeless, and while as many as 500 spectators listened to the chamber choral ensemble, someone sneaked into a basement room and rifled through the performers’ belongings. Before the We All Nowell concert had ended Sunday evening at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Northwest Washington, charges had been rung up at retail spots across the region — $600 at an REI and $150 at a Toys R Us on one card taken from a performer.

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Chillicothe: Rash of church break-ins tops 30 incidents


Churches in Chillicothe are on the lookout after 30 break-ins in just 10 weeks, but is your church prepared if the same thing happens in your community?

Investigators are making some headway in the investigation of more than 30 break-ins at area churches during the past 10 weeks. Chillicothe police have taken at least 15 reports of church break-ins, mostly on the east side, since Oct. 1. More than half of the incidents have happened in the past four weeks. Break-ins at Ross County churches picked up in November, and have climbed to 18 in fewer than four weeks. That figure doesn’t factor in churches that have been targeted for their air conditioning units, which also has been an issue in the county.

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Authorities invetigating 10th school break-in in two months

Break-ins and intrusions can happen to any school, but something is seriously wrong when it happens 10 times in two months. Read the article, and then let us help your school prepare against these threats.

Authorities in Etowah, Calhoun, Talladega, St. Clair and Jefferson counties have reported break-ins at local schools in the last two months. In these cases, suspects have taken computers, televisions and in some cases, cash. Friday night, Leeds High School became the latest target in this string of break-ins. The Leeds police say two suspects broke into the school and smashed a safe.

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Immigrant facing deportation lights church steeple on fire

While a Belarussian immigrant facing deportation is not the typical threat facing a church, it does show how difficult it is to predict the source of the next threat to a church.

Bychkou was arrested by police inside the church early in the morning of Oct. 23 as a fire in the mostly wooden steeple was breaking out. Police went to the church after a custodian called to report someone had broken into the building.Bychkou later told police that “voices” had told him to go to the church and look for treasure in the steeple but he didn’t find any, according to a police affidavit in the case.

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AG Church heavily damaged by suspected arson fire

This Wynona, Oklahoma church fell victim to arson by one of the very people they were trying to serve. This is a struggle that many churches face because the local church has a calling and an obligation to serve its community, but along with that there is a calling to protect its members. Balancing these two callings is difficult, but we can help you to develop a security plan to meet this goal.

Wynona (Oklahoma) Assembly of God was burglarized and then appears to have been set on fire early Saturday morning, November 30. According to the fire marshal, the fire had been burning for 6 or 7 hours before it was noticed and reported, with three fire stations responding. Pastor David Downing, and his wife Ruth, who have led the church of 125-150 members for the past 26 years, say that when constructing the building, they used fireboard drywall. However, as a side door that was pried open by the perpetrator was left open, the smoldering fire had a source of oxygen to keep it burning, causing the interior of the building to literally start melting.

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Strategos training enhances church security


It was a privilege to work with these men and women from churches across Missouri, and the best part was seeing them leave with a better understanding of how they could create a place of comfort, refuge, worship and learning.

FULTON – Pastors and lay leaders from churches throughout the state of Missouri gathered at First Baptist Church, Fulton, for a security training event presented by Strategos International, Nov. 19.
Missouri-based Strategos International has trained more than 7,500 law enforcement, military, church, school, security and business professionals since its establishment in 2002. During the recent training session in Fulton, Strategos president Vaughn Baker – who is also a lay leader at Abundant Life Baptist Church, Lee’s Summit – taught 108 church staff and members how to watch for and respond to suspicious activity in the church. This lesson – summarized by the slogan, “See something; say something” – not only improves security, but it can also enhance the ministry of the church.

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