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Raytown staffers learn how to protect students, themselves from a violent intruder


A safety assessment led Raytown Schools to conclude that there was a serious need for a a crisis management and prevention plan along with training for faculty and staff members. Strategos stepped in to help them do just that, and the result was a staff that felt safer and more empowered. Take a look at this school’s experience, and then explore the way we can help your school.

Rachel Hufferd quickly ties a slipknot with a piece of rope over the shiny door handle of her fourth-grade classroom at Laurel Hills Elementary in Raytown. The tiny 5-foot, 4-inch, 115-pound teacher drops to the floor, pulling on the rope, straining to prevent the intruder pounding and shouting on the other side of the door from forcing his way into the room. Anxiously watching the scenario unfold are not Hufferd’s students, but fellow teachers, administrators and other Laurel Hills staff members.

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Catholic priest found killed in California church rectory, suspect nabbed for the murder

The church is supposed to be a place of peace and refuge, but on this day a priest found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A tragedy like this causes us all to reflect upon our own churches, and to ask, “What can we do to protect ourselves?” Read the story below, and then find out what Strategos can help you answer that question.

Cops nabbed the man they say committed in the New Year’s Day murder of a beloved California priest, who was found murdered inside his church’s rectory Wednesday — hours before a break-in at another church a short drive away, police said. The body of the Rev. Eric Freed was found after he didn’t show up for Mass at St. Bernard’s Catholic Church in Eureka — located about 275 miles north of San Francisco — about 9 a.m., a parishioner told the Times-Standard.

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Arapahoe High School shooting lasted less than 90 seconds


It took a mere 90 seconds for a school shooting to take place, but it might have been prevented if a door had been properly shut and locked. This shows again how very important it is to be aware of security vulnerabilities.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — New details were released about the Arapahoe High School shooting at a press briefing hosted by the Arapahoe County Sheriff and District Attorney on Monday, the most telling of which laid out a specific timeline of the attack.

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Parents Say School Security Has Increased Since Newtown Massacre

The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre forced schools to rethink their security measures, and it appears that schools across the nation have taken action. Read the story below about what some schools are doing, and then visit our CONTACT US page and fill out the form including your email with the message of SANDY HOOK LESSONS LEARNED and we will email it to you.

Most parents of elementary school-age children say their schools boosted security following last year’s at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to a poll from NPR in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health..

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Hutchinson teen arrested for church burglaries

A church janitor was aware enough to recognize that there might be an intruder, and he then responded in a calm manner that very well might have saved his life. Read the story below, and then find out how church security training can prepare you for a moment like this.

WICHITA, Kan. — A 17 year old burglary suspect is in the Reno County Jail accused of breaking into two Hutchinson churches. The alleged thief broke a window to gain entry to the First Church of God at 7th and Jefferson in Hutchinson. He kicked in doors and broke glass.

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