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Domestic violence leaves home: Is your workplace ready?

Private conflicts take wings and impact workplaces, churches and more.

By Vaughn Baker
President, Strategos International

It may seem strange that a supervisor would need to be overly concerned about an employee’s home life. The unwritten rules of the workplace state that our domestic and professional lives are separate.

Recurring headlines, however, illustrates that there is no clear separation between work, school, home or church when it comes to domestic violence.

A simmering conflict that goes unresolved at home may surface in the office parking lot, the schoolyard or the church lobby. And when it happens, there is often collateral damage in addition to the tragedy itself.

What’s the solution? Although nothing can stop all acts of violence, employers can create an environment and policies that preempt acts of violence and protect co-workers from assault.

It starts with paying attention to the mental and emotional state of employees and training your colleagues to do the same. Facility security and surveillance also play a role.

Don’t wait until a violent incident breaks out to address this all-too-real phenomenon in our society.

Are Cameras Guaranteed Crime Stoppers?

Strategos Security Minute: Are Cameras Guaranteed Crime Stoppers? from Strategos International on Vimeo.

Understand their abilities and limitations before making an investment.

Vaughn Baker
President, Strategos International

Cameras are everywhere, but what are they accomplishing? And how much can we can count on them to keep us safe?

In spite of their continual presence, cameras are not a foolproof security measure. Businesses, churches and schools should carefully consider their purpose and their ability to effectively use video surveillance before making a massive investment.

Cameras can and do play a vital role in security, but it’s important to understand best practices and what cameras can and cannot do for you.

That way, you can make wise investments and have the right expectations about where cameras will fit into your overall security strategy.