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Light the Night: Don’t Let Parking Lots and Garages Become Crime Scenes

A dark and lonely outpost is a great place for an ambush. Do something about it.

Doors locked? Check. Alarm activated? Check. Parking lots and garages? Well … Parking lots and garages are easily neglected when it comes to security. They’re often dark and out of sight. That means they’re soft targets for thieves and bad guys of all stripes. Vaughn Baker, president of Strategos International, shares a tips that can prevent your property from becoming a crime scene.


Strategos is a leading source for intruder response training, active shooter training, executive protection and tactical instruction for law enforcement and military personnel.

• Intruder response training: We equip the true first-responder (personnel already on the scene) to counter active shooters and other threatening intruders in schools, churches, offices and other workplaces.
• Executive protection: We provide executive protection and security for VIPs, CEOs, executives and others high-profile figures.
• Tactical instruction: We provide tactical and SWAT training and education for police, law enforcement and military personnel.

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Church Violence: What is the Cost of Inaction?

The head-in-the-sand mindset is misguided.

By Vaughn Baker
Strategos International

An Ohio newscast recently relayed the good news that multiple churches were receiving security training from law enforcement in order to protect their congregations.

“In this day and age, who knows what could happen, who could walk through the front door?” said one pastor. “Bombings and violence in churches – it catches your attention.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we do what we do: Educate and equip churches, schools and businesses to be ready for the “what if?”

However, another pastor interviewed for the newscast said he was not worried and won’t be participating in the training. Why? He believes God will protect him and his flock. The pastor also believes violent acts haven’t “happened in our churches and wouldn’t for the most part.” Finally, smaller churches are less likely to be targeted, he said.

I truly wish that this pastor was correct and that we here at Strategos could close up shop. But we can’t. And here’s why:

It can happen here
There have been more than 1,000 violent incidents at churches since 1999 and a 600 percent increase in the last decade alone. True, the statistical likelihood of it happening to your church is small. But it was equally small for the churches where people were killed by gunmen. Statistics are cold comfort in those cases.

It can happen in rural areas
Over half of active-shooter incidents occur in rural areas. Even as rural as Nickel Mines, Pa. (population 43), where a gunman killed eight grade school girls in a one-room Amish schoolhouse.

God can use our planning to protect us
I’m not a theologian, but the fact that 99.9% of us lock our doors indicates we believe that God expects us to do something to protect ourselves. A verse that lends support to this is Proverbs 22:3:
“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

There are numerous ways to protect a church. Churches don’t have to compromise their mission or their welcoming culture. It’s not all or nothing.

The newscast closed with a rebuttal from another pastor in the community. He spoke out against the idea that “it can’t happen here.”

“I think that it would be absolutely a travesty to take that position, because it can happen,” he said.


We’ll pray that it won’t, but will prepare in case it does.

Vaughn Baker is the president of Strategos International, a leader in training businesses, schools and churches to proactively respond to active shooters and violent intruders. The firm also evaluates facilities and overall organizational security to protect people and property. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Strategos Security Minute: Enjoy the Game With Eyes Wide Open

Whether you’re at a political rally, a church service or a football game, it pays to be aware. In recent months, people who were shopping or attending concerts were shocked to be interrupted by violent intruders. Vaughn Baker, president of Strategos International, shares how you can enjoy the game with eyes wide open. Contact us to learn more.


Staying Safe at Public Events: Enjoy the Game With Eyes Wide Open from Strategos International on Vimeo.

Beyond Survival: You Can Prevail Over Workplace Violence

Hope is not a valid strategy to counter an active shooter at your church, school or business.

Someone is killed in a U.S. workplace, on average, almost every day. Yet many employers’ only strategy is to hope it doesn’t happen. Businesses, schools and churches can in fact do a great deal to stop workplace shootings before they occur. But some things are beyond the control of even the most prepared leaders. Because of this, we need to be prepared to prevail against an active shooter. Public service announcements and handouts aren’t enough. Strategos International has partnered with Sollah Interactive to create a truly unique and innovative workplace violence training initiative. The goal: saving lives.

Contact us to learn more.


Beyond Survival: You Can Prevail Over Workplace Violence from Strategos International on Vimeo.