Monthly Archives: August 2017

Who Needs Personal Protection?

While most don’t need a permanent protective presence, temporary security may be necessary in response to a threat.

It’s a violent world out there. Do you need personal protection (also known as a bodyguard or executive protector)? Few individuals need round-the-clock protection, although there are certainly those who require it. These include high-net worth individuals, controversial public figures and celebrities. Far more common, however, is the need for temporary executive protection. Has a threat been made to your CEO, workplace or to an employee? Are you contemplating a high-risk termination? Strategos International can help you determine if temporary personal protection, or even a permanent security presence, is best for the safety and well being of you, your family and your organization. Contact us if we can be of assistance.


Is Your Crisis Response Plan a Paper Tiger?

Simply having a plan in a file cabinet will not reduce your organization’s crisis response liability – or more importantly – save lives.

Strategos International President Vaughn Baker addresses getting a crisis response plan out of the file cabinet and into action so that your organization can prevail over a crisis.