AG Church heavily damaged by suspected arson fire

This Wynona, Oklahoma church fell victim to arson by one of the very people they were trying to serve. This is a struggle that many churches face because the local church has a calling and an obligation to serve its community, but along with that there is a calling to protect its members. Balancing these two callings is difficult, but we can help you to develop a security plan to meet this goal.

Wynona (Oklahoma) Assembly of God was burglarized and then appears to have been set on fire early Saturday morning, November 30. According to the fire marshal, the fire had been burning for 6 or 7 hours before it was noticed and reported, with three fire stations responding. Pastor David Downing, and his wife Ruth, who have led the church of 125-150 members for the past 26 years, say that when constructing the building, they used fireboard drywall. However, as a side door that was pried open by the perpetrator was left open, the smoldering fire had a source of oxygen to keep it burning, causing the interior of the building to literally start melting.

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