2-Day “PREVAIL! Champions Experience” Description

Overview/Description – The “PREVAIL!™ Champions Experience” is designed to be a comprehensive, in depth educational experience that is truly impactful and empowering to those that attend. For those that participate this experience will provide the “PREVAIL!™ Champion” with both the intellectual and practically applicable skillsets for effective “Prevail” program facilitation.

This 2-day experience starts the “Champion” at ground level assuming little to no knowledge on the topic of effective intruder response preparedness.

Day #1 – Will take the participant through classroom lecture on intruder response topics such as history, demographics, behavioral pre-cursors, attacker psychology and mindset as well as preparedness and our acclaimed “3 OUT” intruder response model solutions. “LOCK OUT” principles and techniques will be demonstrated in controlled environments where participants will have the opportunity to practice multiple principles and techniques for both “OPEN IN” and “OPEN OUT” doors. Additionally participants will go through multiple realistic scenarios in controlled and safe environments where they will have the opportunity to practice “3 OUT” strategies. The goal of these realistic scenarios is so that the participant can learn to both respond and provide leadership while the sympathetic nervous system is activated and the requisite physiological responses are taking place. Doing this allows the successful participant the ability to begin to cycle and improve physical, leadership and communication responses through the “stress inoculation” process.

Day #2 – Each participant will practice the “LOCK OUT” principles and techniques that they learned on Day #1. Champions will then be tasked demonstrate to others a variety of LOCK OUT techniques using chair legs, rope, tables, and other items commonly found in their respective work environments. Additionally participants will take turns leading small groups through response scenarios where they will have the opportunity to practice command communication to others. The second half of Day #2 all participants will take both written and practical test(s) demonstrating their skillset competency and understanding of knowledge base of the curriculum taught. This will allow them to become “Champion” facilitators of this curriculum to their respective organizations.

Topics Covered

  • History & demographics of armed and violent intruders
  • Statistics of violent intruder events
  • Psychology of the Armed Violent Intruder
  • Differences & Commonalities of the Traditional vs. Ideological Attacker
  • “3 OUT” Intruder Response Model – Non-Linear Approach
  • Lock OUT, Get OUT and Take OUT Principles & Techniques
  • Overcoming “Normalcy Bias” Phenomenon
  • Command & Crisis Communication Leadership
  • Effective Sympathetic Nervous System Response