Parent’s & Community’s Role to the threat of School Active Shooters (2 hrs.)


The names are familiar; Columbine, Jonesboro, Virginia Tech, Paducah, and now Newtown, CT. These far too tragic occurrences of armed intruders and active shooters in our schools have been going on for quite some time here in the United States. For a long time the solutions to these tragic events were seen as issues that law enforcement organizations were responsible to solve. Schools then started drafting lockdown policies and conducting intruder drills, however the two entities were many times not working together. Now law enforcement and schools have started to work together but we still see these incidents occurring so what is missing?

Excellent course! The presentation was informative, interesting and eye opening!! The afternoon session was so beneficial. Hands on practice made me feel more empowered and safe!!  Instructor was very knowledgeable, prepared and entertaining! I am so glad I attended the course!! I highly recommend it! August 6, 2012
South Elementary SchoolJackson, MO

Strategos believes the solutions to preventing and effectively responding to these crisis events has to be a holistic, all inclusive approach from the community in which these schools are located. We all have a vested interest in making our community schools safer for our children. What has been missing is educating the parents and defining their role in addressing these very important issues. This 2 to 2 ½ hour seminar is intended to be presented in an assembly or community format and includes a time set aside for Q&A from parents, teachers, and community members. We most often present this seminar in the evening time allowing for parents that work to attend.

This course is designed to educate parents and the community about the following topics:

  • Increase your level of awareness in your community
  • Are schools safe?
  • Threat of intruders in our schools
  • Review the Secret Service Bystander Study and lessons learned
  • How to help prevent incidents
  • How to report any potential threats
  • Bullying Prevention tips and what to do if your child is being bullied
  • What your role should be if an incident occurs at your child’s school
  • An overview of school safety and lockdown plans

Why is the community approach so important? When you really analyze these incidents you start to realize that it will be your community that is directly impacted by the incident, has to respond to the incident and has to recover from the incident. A large percentage of the time the suspect is a member of the community, the location that suffers from the attack will be a part of the community, the victims of the attack will be from your community, the police, fire and EMS will be from your community. The adverse effects of these events will have a long lasting impact on your community and will change the dynamics of a community forever.

We do not prepare for these incidents due to the FREQUENCY of these events but more importantly we prepare because of the IMPACT these types incidents would have on our community. While we cannot prevent all school attacks from happening we can increase the possibilities of finding out about these attacks before they occur and as a community we can much more effectively work together to make our community safer.

This course is usually most effectively delivered on the same evening that your school conducts “School Intruder Response” training.

If you would like more information about hosting this course in your community or at your school please contact us by emailing or calling us at 888-569-5444.