C.H.O.I.C.E.S. – Changing Habits of Individual Choices & Experience Success


Mindset = PERMIT is a holistic process/training/professional development that . . . brings about peace of mind for the schools or organizations and their community though changing the frame work of meeting the needs of others.

This eight-hour course is designed as the third step in the progression of developing a mindset in addressing the potential at-risk and high-risk students, active shooter situation, and other violence. This course is designed to assist school or organization personnel in a mindset of developing a culture that focuses on belonging, mastery, independence and generosity to support this change process. This culture, therefore, can reduce the potential of an active shooter situation and other violence.

This course will be broken into two modules.
The first portion will be a classroom portion covering the following areas: A presentation of the VISE lessons, an overview and historical examination of school intervention programs; an examination of lessons learned in developing a culture of change; and historical data of the program used in an alternative school setting.

The second portion will be a practical hands on training block for participants consisting of seven group or classroom lessons. During this block participants are encouraged to participate in order to practice the group lessons.

The group or classroom lessons in CHOICES are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Perception Loop / PEACE
Chapter 2 – Changing Your Labels
Chapter 3 – Habits, Triggers & Responses
Chapter 4 – Individual, The Hole
Chapter 5 – Choices, The Ladder
Chapter 6 – Experience, Getting out of The Hole
Chapter 7 – Success, Filling in The Hole

Additionally we can conduct and evening seminar titled “CHOICES for the Parents and Community” on the same evening as the course for parents and community members. Historically this method has been very well received and go a long way towards giving parents and the community in general peace of mind that their school district is doing everything they can to prepare for this worst case scenario event, as well, providing the parents and community member additional tools to help them work with high risk youth and youth as a whole.

The format for these presentation is a two hour interactive lecture in an assembly format that discusses history and data of this program, as well as, educating parents as to what they can do, as far as, discussions with their kids, as for as, the importance of the CHOICES culture and helping others help themselves. Additionally, we emphasize the statistics and realities that overall schools historically are very safe and caring places to be. These types of evening sessions for the community have been very well received.

For more information on this course please visit http://www.choiceslessons.com/????