C.R.O.S.S. Training – Crisis Response and Operational Survival Seminar


This comprehensive, intense and yet easy to learn course will educate and prepare church staff, safety team and/or medical ministry team members with the necessary techniques and strategies needed to mitigate the types of devastating traumatic injuries commonly seen in church intruder events. Biblical principles dictate that church staff members are properly equipped in order to deal with today’s threats. No longer can members of American churches stand by and wait for help to arrive; they must act with God-given talents as their church’s own “first responder” in order to make a difference in the saving of lives.

Understanding the emotional, physical and tactical mindset that is needed by team members, as well as the proper use of specifically designed medical devices better prepares church personnel who oftentimes are the first to deal with these horrific events. Using intervention techniques first developed by the most elite U.S. military Special Forces units, then later adopted by many American law enforcement SWAT teams students will learn how to utilize very specific but easy to use medical adjuncts in order to reduce severe injury and prevent the death of those that may fall victim to an intruder’s worst intentions. Understanding and practicing the correct medical interventions and becoming proficient with the most appropriate pieces of equipment will be at the center of the course. Hands-on application of equipment and practical exercises geared toward real-world preparation makes this a one-of-a-kind training course. At the conclusion, students will feel confident that they can serve as an effective stop-gap during that most crucial time when lives lie in the balance–while awaiting the arrival of responding law enforcement, Fire and EMS personnel.


This course covers the following topics during this 6 hour session

  • Mental, Physical and Tactical preparedness mindset
  • History and development of casualty care and rescue tactics (tactical medicine)
  • Applicability of tactical medicine for schools, businesses and churches
  • Anatomy and physiology overview of the human body
  • How the human body reacts to traumatic injuries commonly seen in church intruder events
  • Understanding the most important and timely interventions based on specific injury patterns
  • Hemorrhage control and exsanguination prevention
  • History and use of military and law enforcement approved tourniquets, hemostatic agents and pressure dressings
  • Airway management using the Recovery Position and other methods
  • Tactical recognition and management of Shock
  • Rescue tactics and movement of casualties (drags, carries, etc.)
  • Casualty Triage and use of the MARCH Algorithm
  • Equipment purchase, staging and carry recommendations
  • Establishing Casualty Collections Points (CCP) while awaiting Police/Fire/EMS
  • How to integrate with responding emergency personnel and provide evacuation care
  • Tramedix mass-casualty training program


Who should attend?

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Business Administrators
  • Facility managers
  • Security Directors
  • Children’s Directors
  • Security Team Members
  • Medical Team Members
  • Staff Leadership
  • Elders
  • Church Members