Church Security Consultant and Consulting Solutions


Church Security Consultant and Consulting

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Strategos has the capability to provide  personalized, flexible and scaleable church security consultant and consulting services for churches wanting to start or change their security presence as well as personal protection services for churches that have a specific requirement or need related to pastoral protection.

We provide consulting services according to:

Matthew 10:16 Behold I send you out as sheep amongst wolves therefore be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves

How this verse applies to church security goals and objectives is “wise as serpents” instructs us to “prepare in advance” and “harmless as doves” instructs us to “do so in a way that DOES NOT compromise the “CORE MISSION” of church ministries.” 

Generally speaking we state that the mission of most churches is to provide an atmosphere of “COMFORT”, “REFUGE”, “WORSHIP” and “LEARNING”.  What we believe is that church security goals, objectives and planning should be developed in a way that DOES NOT compromise the “core mission” and we in fact believe if developed and implemented correctly the effective church security ministry will in fact “AMPLIFY” the “core mission” by increasing awareness, preparedness and capabilities to respond quickly and effectively if an emergency were to occur.

We provide church security consultant and church security consulting solutions including but not limited to the below:

  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessments
  • Goals & Objectives Questionnaire and Development
  • Nursery & Sunday School Security – Policies & Procedures
  • Emergency Action Planning – Policies & Procedures
  • Medical Emergency Response Planning – Policies & Procedures
  • Tithing & Offering Security – Policies & Procedures
  • Pastoral Staff Personal Security Training or End User Protection
  • Physical Security for Church Buildings – Construction & Surveillance Systems
  • Developing an outreach to attract local law enforcement to your congregation
  • New Building Security Planning, Reviews and Architectural Reviews
  • Threat Vunerability and Risk Assessments
  • Church Security On-site Surveys
  • Written Policy & Procedure Development
  • A to Z Church Security Program Development (from ground zero to ground hero)

For more information on our consulting services please contact Vaughn at or at 816-795-3768 (888-569-5444 – Toll Free)