Church Security Consultant “Firm Foundation” Package

Church Security Consultant “Firm Foundation” Package

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Isaiah 28:16
So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic.

We provide consulting services according to:

Matthew 10:16 Behold I send you out as sheep amongst wolves therefore be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

How this verse applies to church security goals and objectives is “wise as serpents” instructs us to “prepare in advance” and “harmless as doves” instructs us to “do so in a way that DOES NOT compromise the “CORE MISSION” of church ministries.” 

Generally speaking we state that the mission of most churches is to provide an atmosphere of “COMFORT”, “REFUGE”, “WORSHIP” and “LEARNING”.  What we believe is that church security goals, objectives and planning should be developed in a way that DOES NOT compromise the “core mission” and we in fact believe if developed and implemented correctly the effective church security ministry will in fact “AMPLIFY” the “core mission” by increasing awareness, preparedness and capabilities to respond quickly and effectively if an emergency were to occur.

This weekend “Church Security Consulting Package” is designed and intended for those churches that are either starting from the beginning or wish to formalize & professionalize their existing Church Security ministry. This weekend consulting package is by far our most popular and will allow your ministry to form a solid strategic vision & direction for your church security/safety ministry.The weekend onsite consult starts on a Friday afternoon and is completed on Sunday afternoon. Each church will receive the following as a part of this consulting package.

Friday Afternoon – (Approx. 3-4 hours on site)

“Goals & Objectives” Questionaire/Interview w/ Church Leadership Personnel
This will allow your ministry to determine goals & objectives for your security ministry. Outlining the goals & objectives in advance & having an opportunity to determine the fiscal & human resources to achieve these goals & objectives will provide a solid strategic vision & direction for your security/safety ministry.

“Risk Assessment” w/ Leadership Personnel
Your ministry cannot manage risk without accepting that all ministries have some level of risk. This onsite risk assessment allows the church to prioritize the order that each area of safety & security will be addressed as well as what level of priority of fiscal & human resources need to be assigned to each area.

“Physical Security Site Survey”
An onsite physical security site survey will be conducted of your facilities. The findings & recommendations of this survey will be included in written & visual form after the final “Findings & Recommendations” report that is submitted approximately 7-10 days after the weekend consult.

“Church Insurance Liaison”
Obtain Church Insurance Co. Point of Contact Info for Liaison Consult. There is no purpose in making recommendations to your church related to safety & security if your church insurance company will not support these recommendations. We consult directly with your church insurance company agent & underwriters if necessary to make sure they will support the recommendations that are made. Additionally we provide them with supporting “liability & risk management” documentation that they will need related to training that we may provide to your church security & safety team.

Saturday – (0800 am-0330 pm)

“Intruder Awareness/Response Course for Church Personnel” for up to 50 Attendees
This course is the single best & significant step that your ministry can take to increase awareness & capability to responding to security & safety related events. Designed to educate leadership, security, ushers, greeters, deacons/elders, parking personnel on the importance of awareness & response. Will include up to 7 hours of training in the form of lecture and practical exercises on topics of intruder and church related violence, lockdowns, lockdown failure protocol, recognizing suspicious activity, approaching suspicious person(s), pastoral/platform protection overview, access control during the week for church staff, etc. For more info visit

Sunday – (Review & Observe AM Services)

“Security/Safety Capability Review”
Observe morning services and make recommendations. The findings & recommendations of this review will be included in written & visual form after the final “Findings & Recommendations” report that is submitted approximately 7-10 days after the weekend consult. Review will include the following:
1. Offering collection, protection & transport
2. Nursery check in/out protocols/procedures
3. Pastoral/platform protection protocols
4. General vehicle & foot traffic flow, access & management
5. Access control strategies & hardware

After On Site Visit – (Approx. 7-10 days afterwards)

  • Will conduct liaison with Church Insurance Company to ensure findings & recommendations will be supported by underwriters and determine if policy needs to be adjusted to support such.
  • Will compile and complete final written report (approx. 50-70 pages) of findings & recommendations and submit minimum of 3 copies to Church for review & for records
  • Will also create following documents in electronic form for church to have a solid starting point for a written plan

COSTS – $2995.00 plus travel & lodging reimbursement.
Travel reimbursement would include airfare, rental car & hotel reimbursement to get to your location.
Any other expenses related to meals, printing costs, etc. are covered in the consult package costs.