Church Security Scenario Exercises


This course is designed for church security, leadership and staff personnel to go through several purposely designed and scripted security and safety related scenarios.  The importance of placing your personnel in reasonable simulations of the real thing if it were to occur and then have them respond and then have post critique after each scenario cannot be overstated.

This course allows the participant to go through several safety and security related scenarios that have been designed with specific participant objectives to allow them to improve the following skills:

  • Conflict Management & De-escalation Skills
  • Body Language Awareness & Response Skills
  • Compliance & Control Principles & Techniques
  • Force-on-Force Skills Utilizing either demo blue guns or airsoft type projectile based training systems

Allowing participants to go through these simulations PRIOR to the actual event will allow them to make note of training needs/deficiencies, hardware needs/deficiencies, confirmation and testing of current skills and training methods as well as stress inoculation by activating the sympathetic nervous system in a controlled training environment.