Pastoral/Platform Protection for Church Protectors (2 Days)


The threat of violence is ever present and increasing consistently in our churches today. World trends are forcing churches to upgrade matters of safety and security. In the first six months of 2009 there were 17 violent crimes reported by churches, with 6 of these crimes resulting in homicides. Most churches do not require full-time pastoral protection; however, there are frequently times where situational protection is needed for pastors, church leaders and the speaker platform within the sanctuary.

The instructor was outstanding in knowledge and ability to teach even a slow learner, like myself. This course will assist me in identifying what or who might be a threat. It has equipped me with various tools that will allow me to be more effective during security detail…I truly enjoyed this course. I found the information extremely valuable.
Modesta OteroLife Church

This course is designed to provide a church security team with capabilities related to protecting not only church leadership but also the immediate family of church leadership as well. The training will allow a church security team to evaluate whether a pastoral protection aspect is needed in a full –time or situational as needed basis. This is accomplished through risk assessment and, if protection is needed, determining whether or not the protection is needed on a situational or seasonal basis. The training provided includes stationary / platform worship protection principles and mobile speaking / mission trip protection principles.

Who Should Attend?

  • Church leaders (pastors, security / safety directors)
  • Church security / safety personnel

Topics Covered:

  • Biblical authority for church safety and protection
  • Threat assessment
  • Recognizing traits of suspicious behavior
  • Recognizing traits of armed individuals
  • O.O.D.A. Cycle
  • Winning mindset
  • Awareness priority matrix
  • Sanctuary prioritization
  • General concepts of pastoral protection
  • Selection of protectors
  • The protection detail
  • Levels of protection
  • Foot escort formations
  • Altar call protocols
  • Diagonal deployment within the sanctuary
  • Foot escort counter ambush tactics
  • Platform protection
  • Vehicle escort
  • Vehicle entry and exit
  • The importance of a proper advance reviews
  • Site surveys

Equipment Required:

  • Waist-type holster
  • Comfortable clothing for practical exercises
  • An outer garment to conceal firearm (sport coat, vest, or jacket)
  • Eye, ear, groin, and neck protection, gloves
  • (Chest protection for women)
  • Liquid