Online Church Security and Intruder Response Training

Keep Your Congregation Safe With Online Church Security Training from Strategos International

You can host the seminar for your community or watch as individuals or small groups.

Many churches have taken comfort in the thought that “it could never happen here.” But headlines and a steadily-growing body of statistical evidence demonstrate that violence in faith-based organizations is not an if, but a when.

• Violent events at churches have increased 600% in the last decade.
• Incidents of church violence have risen by 40% in the last year alone.
• Threats come from without and within the congregation.

Strategos International has trained more than 1,000 churches and thousands of church members in creating a secure yet welcoming environment. We travel weekly across the nation, educating, equipping and consulting with churches of all sizes.

For those who are unable to attend in person or who seek a refresher course, our comprehensive and practical seminar is now available online.

Who should participate?
Church Security and Intruder Awareness trains and equips:
• Ushers and greeters
• Lay leaders and staff
• Security volunteers
• Deacons and elders
• Other volunteers in frequent contact with visitors and members

The training can help churches launch a church security or improve one that’s already in place.

What you’ll learn
Equip and empower your staff and volunteer team to spot and stop trouble before it starts. You’ll learn to identify suspicious behavior and respond peacefully and proactively with the goal of de-escalating potential conflicts.

The course covers all aspects of intruder awareness and response, including:
• Creating a culture of awareness
• Locking down your church facility in the face of a threat
• Recognizing suspicious behavior
• Approaching suspicious or armed individuals
• Verbal conflict management & de-escalation
• The role of ushers, greeters and other frontline team members

Read the full course Church Security and Intruder Response course description.

Pricing and Details
Pricing is affordable for churches and non-profit organizations and rates are customized for individuals, small groups, churches or community-wide presentations. Contact us to learn more and discuss the best rate for your event. No special technology, software or IT staff is required.

888.569.5444 or @safechurchnow