High Risk Investigation, Termination & Consulting


A quality workplace violence prevention program involves training the entire workforce to recognize and report aggressive or violent behavior. Early intervention is key. When appropriately addressed, staff members in question receive early intervention counseling thus avoiding the need for termination. Yet more often than we would prefer, terminations are a routine part of business and most are handled without difficulty. However, there are occasions when a termination may be dangerous.

Organizations often choose to “overlook” violent behaviors in order to avoid confrontation. However, left unchecked the problem employee may continue with his/her unacceptable behavior with the potential of violence erupting at some point. Failure to deal with the problem employee in an appropriate and timely manner can open an organization to significant legal exposure.

With any termination the objective is to conduct the process with dignity. With a high-risk termination; however, there are certain steps that should be considered before meeting with the troubled employee. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) understand that violence is not just the explosive incident itself but a process through which a person walks. They are experts at recognizing the process and constructing precautions to reduce the probability of violence both during and after the termination.

Services we offer include:
• Consultation prior to the termination phase
• Proper termination preparation
• Liaison with safety and security and/or local law enforcement
• Assistance during the termination interview
• Post-termination consultation
• Personal protection for managers and their families who fear retaliation


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