Intruder Response for Daycare & Childcare Providers


Missouri D.H.S.S. Approved for Clock Hours – #S-2014-0251

This 4 hr. course is designed to provide information and educate daycare and childcare professionals on effective RESPONSE strategies for what to do in an active shooter situation. This course is based on our experience in educating over 20,000 workplace and education personnel all over the United States on this important topic since 2008. The course is designed to assist school personnel in their ability to: quickly and effectively respond; report; and protect themselves and their students from an active shooter during the critical moments while waiting for a police presence to arrive and what to expect from the officers once they are on scene.

Overview and historical examination of the evolution of school active shooter events (Enoch Brown, Columbine, VA Tech, Sandy Hook) from the attacker, law enforcement and school based perspectives is an important part of this course. Additionally and an examination of lessons learned from each of these events and an overview of the “psychology of active shooters” is discussed.

Response – Course includes an in depth analysis of recommended school, daycare/childcare facility lockdown (prevent access) protocols from both a “Threat Outside” and “Threat Inside” perspective as well as in depth discussion and video demonstration of lockdown failure protocols that is taught as the “3 OUT APPROACH” to lockdown and lockdown failure.  Some daycare and childcare facilities have a plan or policy for what to do during “lockdown” however very few organizations have given any consideration for what to do when “LOCKDOWN FAILS!” Unfortunately most of the mass casualty active shooter incidents across the country have been as a result of lockdown failure or not ever having a chance to get into lockdown and then not knowing what to do. Includes audio and video learning tools that encourage discussion and demonstrate lockdown and lockdown failure protocols for various parts of the school as well as various types of doors (open-in and open-out) and with particular focus on securing areas without locks using a layering and reinforcement strategies. Additionally visitor access control/management and entrance area security strategies are discussed as well.

A walk through of the daycare/childcare facility and classrooms to cover the safe areas of various rooms and what makes them the safest area.

  • Discussion and hands on practice of lock down concept
  • Gross motor skill lock down techniques (with & without door locks)
  • What to do if a lock down fails
  • Secondary exit points
  • When to get out and why
  • How to fight back in case of a lock down failure including improvised weapons
  • Final exercise with course participants with the opportunity to practice the various levels of lockdowns, lockdown failures and evacuation principles covered in the class and hands-on portion.