Intruder Response – Strategos International


In an effort to let those know that visit this site what the background of Strategos as a company is we have outlined below our mission and background within various areas. The founders and staff of Strategos represent hundreds of years of “real world” experience related to the various topics that they each teach.

Strategos was founded in 2002 under the name of Strategos International, L.L.C. as a Missouri based Limited Liability Corporation. From 1998-2002 the founders of Strategos were previously training directors for the Surefire Institute, tactical training division of Surefire, L.L.C., a California based law enforcement and military lighting products company. Co-owners of Strategos have over 40 years combined of law enforcement service, tactical training instruction and consulting experience.

Strategos has trained over 25,000 law enforcement, military, church, school, security and business professionals since 2002. Our instructors possess many different types expertise along a wide array of tactical, live-fire, corporate/church security and organizational development topics.  Strategos primarily trains and consults within the United States be we have conducted training and demos in 15 countries all around the world as well, including France, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Germany and Switzerland.

For a list of references in regards training and consulting services we have provided to schools, faith based, workplace, universities and government organizations please email us at