Light the Night: Don’t Let Parking Lots and Garages Become Crime Scenes

A dark and lonely outpost is a great place for an ambush. Do something about it.

Doors locked? Check. Alarm activated? Check. Parking lots and garages? Well … Parking lots and garages are easily neglected when it comes to security. They’re often dark and out of sight. That means they’re soft targets for thieves and bad guys of all stripes. Vaughn Baker, president of Strategos International, shares a tips that can prevent your property from becoming a crime scene.


Strategos is a leading source for intruder response training, active shooter training, executive protection and tactical instruction for law enforcement and military personnel.

• Intruder response training: We equip the true first-responder (personnel already on the scene) to counter active shooters and other threatening intruders in schools, churches, offices and other workplaces.
• Executive protection: We provide executive protection and security for VIPs, CEOs, executives and others high-profile figures.
• Tactical instruction: We provide tactical and SWAT training and education for police, law enforcement and military personnel.

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