Media Response and Crisis Communication for “Professional” & “TRUE First Responders”


WHO SHOULD ATTEND? – Law Enforcement, School, Workplace, Faith Based and Healthcare Leadership, Public relations & Media Response Personnel

This course is designed to educate both “Professional First Responders” (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS Leadership) and “TRUE First Responders” (Workplace, School, Faith Based, Healthcare Leadership) on critical preparedness and response strategies for crisis communication and media response. Strategos believes that crisis preparedness and response solutions should be “community based” and that leadership from a wide variety of stakeholders within communities should come together to ensure that their response to a crisis is timely, effective and synergistic in nature.

In addition this acclaimed training will provide very effective communication strategies that all organizations regardless of size or type will find very useful in day to day operations.

“Bridging Communication Barriers – The 21st Century Imperative”

Experience “The Three Doors of Communications” and more than 30 proven techniques for “Communicating effectively in the new millennium”

Transcending all cultures, this highly interactive event has received standing ovations from leaders worldwide!

Participants will learn:

  • What are the three doors of the brain?
  • Why emotion really drives logic
  • Why body language is critical for success The RPM Communications Model
  • How to handle difficult conversations The pitfalls of Subconscious Triggers® -How to unlock the power of awareness
  • Proven methods to bridge communications barriers
  • How to capture 90% of your audience in 5 sec.
  • Two critical character traits everyone looks for
  • Minimize litigation in any crisis event.
  • The “cardinal rule in communications”
  • The power of communicating from the heart
  • The 4 “instant lessons” of any public appearance Body language used by the pro’s
  • Humanize your organization in any critical event


Phil Clark and Richard Brundage are two of this country’s most sought after speakers and trainers. With more than 3 decades in front of and behind the cameras, they have changed the way law enforcement, hospitals, emergency services, city, county, state and federal officials communicate in critical situations. With clients ranging from the U.S. State Department, National Defense University, Universal Studies Hollywood, PETRONAS Malaysia, Allied Bank of Pakistan, Walter Reed Medical Center, Sea World Australia, Centers for Disease Control, to colleges and universities, and major corporate headquarters, they teach communications as the demonstration of leadership. It is truly “new millennium thinking” about how we all communicate with each other.

Here’s what others are saying

“I wish I had participated in this course before I entered public service. I would have been a much more effective communicator!”
Senator Daniel Coats,
U.S. Ambassador to Germany

“This is the best media-prep course I’ve ever taken. I’m going to review my notes again before my next national book tour.”
Lucian K. Truscott IV,
author, Army Blue, Heart of War, the HBO Movie Dress Gray

“Given a choice, I would require this seminar for all Commanding Officers!” The “right stuff!”
Chief of Operations,
U.S. Coast Guard

“Loved the practical advice I left with – Professional, motivating and inspiring”
U.S. Army Officer,
Walter Reed Army Hospital

“Eye-Opening! Well worth the time – Excellent! I thought I knew what I was doing until this course taught me more than I could even think of.”
Bruce W. Tully,
Special Agent in ChargeDiplomatic Security Service – U.S. State Department

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