Simply stated, our mission is to provide corporate, educational, church, law enforcement and military professionals the highest quality training available. Training that is both applicable and based in reality is critical to successfully applying our training methods when needed.

Strategos International training programs & courses have been developed through years of “hands on” experience and client feedback to the founders and instructor staff. Training topics are presented in a manner that is principle based and is designed to be customizable and scalable depending on the client’s unique requirements.

Summarized the CREED of our training and consulting services is that “CAPABILITY breeds HUMILITY”.  In other words we believe that the more TRUE capability that a person is given to handle situations that are otherwise stressful or crisis oriented the more humility that they will handle these situations with.  In other words crisis situations are more likely to be handled effectively and appropriately if the end user feels more capable to handle them rather than a situation unnecessarily being escalated because the end user is operating from a “fear based”mind set due to lack of capabilities received prior to the crisis incident.
Strategos offers courses that are a wise investment for those serious about achieving success. Success should be measured based on the following:

  • PREVENTION of a critical incident with effective intervention prior to an event based on learned pre-cursor indicators.
  • PROFICIENT and effective response during a critical incident.  The most effective response is based on learned, proven methods…not on instinctual human responses which may or may not be correct.
  • REDUCING liability and managing risk based on documented and proven doctrine and training methodology of adult learning principles.

Our staff members have interacted and trained literally thousands of law enforcement, military, college, educational, governmental, corporate & church professionals that request and require our unique training & consulting capabilities.

[Instructor’s] passion for the subject was obvious in his delivery. Fun, interesting class. I saw many things I could (and will) implement into our existing program! Good use of my time.
Paula WolfeSheffield Family Life Center


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