Pastor Barry Young

Barry Young serves as the Vice-President of Church Security Ministries for Strategos International. He has trained churches from California, Florida, New York and throughout the United States. Barry has been a part of Strategos trainings for many years. In fact he was at the very first Strategos Church Security training in 2008. He has served as Director of Church Security for New Life Church in Oak Grove Missouri as well as Director of Church Security at Crown Pointe Church in Lee’s Summit Missouri.

In addition to 10 years of Church Security hands on experience he is a black belt in Sho-Lum-Tae Karate. He is also a member of the Indepenendena MO Police Department serving as a Chaplain for almost a decade. Barry’s goal is to help churches start church security teams and to enhance existing teams churches may already have. Church Security is much more than just firearm training. The goal is for every church in america to have a comprehensive church security plan and team that goes from the parking lot to the pulpit.