Physical Security Site Assessment (Intruder Response Focused) – Strategos can provide a physical security site assessment that is intruder response and workplace violence specific. We can do this information gathering on the same date that we come out for the site visit for the intruder response policy development phase. This service also includes a “Findings and Recommendations” report that would cover, access control, visitor management, credential management, safe room identification, high risk terminations processes, and workplace violence program review.  Call or email for pricing

Intruder Response Policy Development – Includes on-site visit to gather information on organization goals and objectives, identify work environment (floor plans and site plans) and safe rooms necessary for policy development. Also includes development of “safe room” and “get out” locations on floor plan chart – Call or email for pricing

IN PERSON Instructor Lockdown Demos & Scenario Training – Once your staff is trained it is very important to test what they have learned in a realistic scenario based simulation of this type of event. Allowing participants to test what they have learned where the sympathetic nervous system is activated because of the realism both reduces their anxiety and increases their capability in responding to this type of event. This training session can be customized to be between 45 min. and 2 hrs. for your employees. Training depending on length requested would include 45-60 min. of walk-through, instructor demonstrations/Q&A and 45-60 min. of scenarios where participants would practice what they have learned.

Workplace Violence Program Development – Develop comprehensive workplace violence program for your organization to include the following areas: Call or Email for Pricing

  • WPV Program Document
  • WPV Program Policy
  • WPV Incident Report Form
  • Employee WPV Hazard Assessment
  • Personal Conduct to Minimize Violence Handout
  • Warning Signs of Escalating Behavior Handout