Preview PREVAIL!™ Videos

PREVAIL!™ Movie – 14 min.
Typically, each training session starts with PREVAIL!™. This 14-minute dramatic video sets the stage for the session by engaging participants quickly – emotionally – by watching an active shooter event unfold in their workplace.

PREVAILING IS . . .!™ Vignette – 2 min.
Prevailing Is… ™ – a thought-provoking, powerful short (2 minute) video that uses impactful imagery, video and music to inform and encourage discussion on prevailing in an armed intruder/active shooter situation.

PREPARING TO PREVAIL!™ Training Module – 9 min.
Preparing to Prevail™ training module sets the session by discussing key points in an active shooter event. Looking at differences between “trained” vs. “untrained” in proper responses vs. improper instinctual reactions are analzyed. The phenomenon of “normalcy bias” and its negative impact on proper response is also covered.

PREVAIL!: The “OUT” Actions™ Training Module – 15 min.
PREVAIL!: The OUT Actions™ (15 minutes) goes into detail about the 3-OUT Approach and its non-linear application for the “TRUE First Responder” are discussed. GET OUT, LOCK OUT and TAKE OUT are each discussed and examples of principles and techniques are explained/demonstrated.

PREVAIL!™ – Understanding the Adversary Training Module – 9 min.
Understanding the Adversary Training Module discussed the psychology of the traditional active shooter vs. the ideological attacker. Comparisons of traditional active shooter mindset vs. other types of mass murderers are discussed as well.

Leading to PREVAIL!™ – Manager/Supervisor Training Module – 15 min.
There is also a manager/supervisor training program – Leading to PREVAIL!™ which is used to inform and encourage managers to discuss potential scenarios and proper response options within their teams.