Raytown staffers learn how to protect students, themselves from a violent intruder


A safety assessment led Raytown Schools to conclude that there was a serious need for a a crisis management and prevention plan along with training for faculty and staff members. Strategos stepped in to help them do just that, and the result was a staff that felt safer and more empowered. Take a look at this school’s experience, and then explore the way we can help your school.

Rachel Hufferd quickly ties a slipknot with a piece of rope over the shiny door handle of her fourth-grade classroom at Laurel Hills Elementary in Raytown. The tiny 5-foot, 4-inch, 115-pound teacher drops to the floor, pulling on the rope, straining to prevent the intruder pounding and shouting on the other side of the door from forcing his way into the room. Anxiously watching the scenario unfold are not Hufferd’s students, but fellow teachers, administrators and other Laurel Hills staff members.

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