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Podcast: Learn to Prevail in a Workplace Attack

The movie will be available by early 2017.

In this podcast interview, Vaughn Baker, president of Strategos International, explains how Strategos is partnering with Sollah Interactive to help employees “PREVAIL” in the workplace.

A new training video, geared toward responding to workplace active-shooters, will equip employees to overcome the threat of violence.

“We are proud to partner with Sollah Interactive for ‘PREVAIL,’” said Baker. “That title accurately describes all we want to accomplish through this project.

“The vast majority of workplaces suffer from a serious lack of training on hostile intruders. We don’t want employees to be left to their own devices, hiding under desks and waiting for a killer to find them. Instead, they can prevail against an active-shooter. But training is absolutely essential. And that’s why we’ve undertaken this project.”

“Prevail: Preparing to Prevail” will be available in late 2016 from Strategos online and includes a thorough facilitator’s guide and student materials.

Thanks to KCCI and WHO13 Des Moines for their coverage of “Prevail.”