Church Intruder Response Testimonials 1

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“The delivery was top notch. I loved the “stories behind the stories” that helps make everything real for everyone. The curriculum was great as well.
The instructor knowledge was without question, exceedingly knowledgeable!
A totally great experience. I would sincerely encourage anyone considering church security to attend this seminar. In fact, I know it would be worth attending again to ensure I retain the concepts and principles more thoroughly. May God continue to bless what you are doing!”
Keith Melton
Lay Minister to Senior Adults (One of those stabbed during the murder of Pastor Winters at FBC Maryville, IL) First Baptist Church of Maryville, IL

“Anyone attending the course would have an easy understanding of what was being taught. For us it highlighted some administrative areas we need to follow up in the liability insurance area. For church’s that are trying to have a security program and are looking for the right company to assist them in getting trained and experienced people, Strategos International would be my recommendation to them. I’ve personally worked for several Security Companies since retiring from the military, and have several close friends that are employed in the upper management area of these companies. It is a blessing to see a Security company with leadership that is Christian Faith based, sharing the Gospel and wanting to teach people about protecting the church and it people. Strategos International is a company that I highly recommended to any church organization wanting this type of assistance and training. Instruction was very professionally done, organized and easy to follow and understand. Instructor was outstanding in knowledge of material, presentation and involvement of the audience. Audio visual aid was awesome!”
James Maxwell
Security Director First Baptist Church of Springdale, AR

“This is MUST attend training for all pastors, staff and church security personnel”
Steve Ijames
James River Assembly Church – Retired Springfield, MO Police Dept.

“This training course has given me a much greater insight in the ability to prepare written procedures & guiding biblical principles . . . “
Rod Land
Concord Baptist Church – Jefferson City, MO

“The teaching was GREAT! I was BLOWN AWAY by the broad knowledge & information given at this seminar. 1-day and you get enough information and knowledge to begin a security team, medical team, nursing staff, and so much more. I need to tell you from a Pastor’s perspective it was awesome!”
Pastor Barry Young
Crown Pointe Church – Lee’s Summit, MO

“Instructor did an excellent job of covering the entire aspect of security for all areas of church safety & security. Instructor presented material that I did not expect to get. Great program!”
Glenn Williams
Assoc. Pastor – Christian Life Center – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Multi-media – very good. Presentation was interesting & kept my interest. Class discussion opportunities really added to the content & value of class. Appreciate much the nursery/school section & medical emergency planning.”
Rick Palmer
Facilities Manager – Bethel Baptist Church – Lakeland, FL

“I think the program offered much to this 30+ plus year police officer. I know that the church people were also enlightened. The mixture of the two is essential.”
Bill Strudel
Lieutenant – University of North Florida PD – First Coast Christian Ctr.

“One of the best instructors I have had! Would attend other courses & would HIGHLY recommend.”
Robert Elliott
LaGrange County, IN Sheriffs Department

“Funny, instructive, interactive and insightful seminar. Good understanding of subject matter through BOTH research and life/work experience. Excellent training and interactive discussion/methodology. Clearly an expert in the field.”
Reen Waterman
Harvest Bible Chapel – Lake Zurich, IL

“The course was AWESOME! I loved that you could related to the way things are both from a police perspective and from a Christian perspective.”
Steve Hudson
Security Director – Christian Chapel – Columbia, MO

“Whether you belong to a church that has a plan already in place or a church that is just getting started in your safety/security ministry, this course has information that you can use to tailor make a program that will suit your needs! Outstanding Course!!”
Kyle Sylvester
Mission Blvd. Baptist Church & Police Officer – Johnson, AR

“This was a VERY informative class! The workbook that we completed while at the seminar will be very easy to share with others at our church.”
Bob Bouly
Freeman Heights Baptist Church – Berryville, AR

“The course provided an excellent framework for building a comprehensive security team. The great additional benefit was the opportunity to network with professionals who will be able to serve as resources in the future.”
Executive Pastor Terry Long
First Baptist Church of Bartlesville – Bartlesville, OK

“This seminar was a FANTASTIC, comprehensive course that will help my church build an effective security program from the ground up. I know our church leadership will be glad I came!”
Gage Bleakley
New Heights Church – Fayetteville, AR

“This seminar was MUCH BETTER than I had anticipated it was going to be. GREAT program that covers a wide variety of topics. A very good common sense approach to safety & security for churches!”
Ron Rone
Mission Blvd. Baptist Church – Fayetteville, AR

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 30+ years & this is the best, most complete & thorough course on any one topic I have EVER been to! The seminar answered many question and all of this without me having to raise my hand once. EXCELLENT!! J”
David Deprez
Security Advisor – Immanuel Church – Gurnee, IL

“I thought the course was excellent. I have 15 yrs law enforcement, but still learned things that will benefit me and my church. The knowledge of the instructors was EXCELLENT and they obviously have a great passion to help all studetns & church members. The course helped bridge law enforcement and non-law enforcement personnel. VERY pleased with the entire course and instructors!!!”
Mike Alford
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO

“The instruction was very useful 2/ a real world focus. In each of the three key areas of Intruder Response/Awareness, Compliance & Control and Pastoral/Platform Protection I feel like I have a much greater understanding. This course will be a tremendous help to our security team. It raised many questions that I hadn’t previously considered & answered those questions as well.”
Brian McMillan
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO

“Excellent instructor knowledge. Presented so that it was very understandable & situational. After participating in 20+ years of security training these guys were great, providing easy to understand information. GREAT JOB!”
Carl Black
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO