Church Intruder Response Testimonials #10

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Missouri Baptist Convention Testimonials

“Increased awareness and preparing a foundation for safety/security, especially VBS in the summer”
Pastor Ed Broyles, Hopewell Baptist

“This course gave me information I did not know.  I am passionate about the subject and gained new insight on several issues.”
Scott Melton, Olive Branch Baptist Church

“I feel more confident in the direction I can take the security and safety within our church.”
William Akin, Liberty Baptist Church

“Gave us what we need to have a good foundation in place. Was very helpful! Well worth the time.” 
Gary Schultz, First Baptist Church, Fulton

“Mr. Vaughn was an excellent instructor! I am glad I came for this training and would recommend it for others.”
John Laster, First Baptist Church, Hollister

“Excellent in helping us pursue our mission.”
Rob Sires, Liberty Baptist

“I really enjoyed the fact that all of the instructors had a Christian atmosphere about them.”
Darrell McKenney, Tower Grove Baptist Church

“Made me very aware of gaps in our security plan and preparation. Money well spent – worth every penny!”
Robert Jackson, Tower Grove Baptist Church

“It really opened my eyes that we need to have a plan in the Student Ministry.”
Dale Baker, Parkway Baptist Church

“Very informative.  All churches should take this course.”
Pat Rankin, HBWT

“We’re in the process of putting together security protocols. This training validated steps I was already taking based on my prior military and security experience.  The presentation gave me other areas to consider and presented me with some alternatives to our approach. Well done!”
Ben Plunk, Brookline FBC

“Excellent information that can be applied and taught to others.”
Larry Sims, South County Baptist

“Gave me lots of ideas to help us handle things professionally while honoring God and keeping our congregation safe.”
Troy Allison, South County Baptist

“Opened my eyes to several things that need to be addressed at our church. Thanks for the chance to learn.”
Doug Pavitt, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Jefferson City