Church Intruder Response Testimonials 7

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“Everything was great. Teaching and presentation and really learned a lot in this course. Thank you so much for everything!”
Quinton Brown
World Revival

“Awesome, very insightful but fun at the same time. Knowledge is power. With this new knowledge we no have the power to handle a situation properly, if a situation were to arise.”
Matt Cabrera
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“Excellent delivery and quality of presentation. There were a number of good things that were brought out as we walked through the facilities and as the demonstrations showed us techniques for maintaining control and a more secure environment. I think the course has made me more aware of security issues and well as giving me more tools to help make the church more safe.”
Michael Green
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“Excellent communicator, calm, knowledgeable and effective with good use of humor to keep and hold interest.”
Bryan Riportella
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“Very well throughout and explanation in crisis situation was awesome. The demonstration was very good.”
Jerome Haywood
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“I think it was all very good and helpful! I learned how to trust my “spidey” sense and let someone know right away when I sense something is not right. I see things that need to be changed in how I greet people and to listen to what they are really saying.”
Rachel Chapman
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“The media materials and handouts are excellent, both give you an opportunity to continue to learn and evaluate what you are doing. All staff was knowledgeable and presented well. All shared CURRENT EVENTS and history of what it is we hope to prevent. From a security standpoint I am at almost ‘0’ so I see so much we need to implement. I see the ‘ministry benefit of knowing who is new’ better.”
Harry Smith
Beech Street Baptist – Texarkana, AR

“Every church in the land should send a representative to this training. It would be a real eye-opener for the church and another avenue for saving souls.”
Paul Cobb
Crosspoint Church – TX

“Perfect! No improvement needed. Slide show was great. Fill in the blank helps to keep you attentive. GREAT JOB! This course should be required for all church security teams.”
Neil Ward
Beech Street Baptist – Texarkana, AR