Church Intruder Response Testimonials 8

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IFIR Fort Worth TX 7/2010

“The course increased my awareness of security and is the first step to addressing our need for security in the building.”
Amy Lowe, Bethesda Community

“Excellent – presentation skills, pace, interest.”
Bob Hawkins, FBC Round Rock

“Information learned will help me in identifying questionable individuals and has helped me to be more aware of situations and basically what to do in situations that could be dangerous.”  
Gale Rendon, Gateway

IFIR Willow Springs, MO 8/2010

“The instructor was well qualified, trained and experiences for the course. This course will help us implement and inform our safety team that has recently been put in place.”
Brent Lovelace, First General Baptist

“This course has provided us with the nuts and bolts to establish and organize a security system. It also provided hands on applications to implement if necessary. Thanks for your willingness to contribute to our security needs. It’s a great ministry.”
Steve Dunlap, Blue Buck Mountain Ministries

“I thought that the class was very well taught. It wasn’t just a lecture. We had the opportunity to ask questions. Very hands on. Instructor had an answer to all of the questions that we asked. We acted out several situations which will help us deal with these types of things in the future. It will give us a starting point and resources to go back to if needed. Thanks a lot.”
Stacy Reinshaw, First General Baptist

“Instructors did an outstanding job! I appreciate that they take the time to show the biblical reasons for church security and the tools they have given us to accomplish the task. Instructors are experts in their field. They were not speaking from a consultant’s point of view, but rather as a capable partner in our ministry.”
Scott, FGBC

IFIR Oklahoma City, OK 8/2010

“Excellent information! [Instructor was] outstanding. I expected him to get stumped, but he knew something on everything asked, mentioned, or comment brought up by someone. Empowered me to review, improve and create a better security program.”
John Snelson, Victory Church

“Not only in depth knowledge of subject matter but obvious passion for the cause and a great heart for the student. [This training] confirms all the good things we have already done and adds considerably to the bag of tricks we are building going forward. Great information and well worth the investment.”
Paul Lake, FBC Coppell

“I will be better able to advise pastor on ways to make the church a safer environment with a better understanding and application of church mission. All pastors should attend.”
Dennis Polk, Blue Lakes Baptist

“ Instructor was/is extremely knowledgeable and is able to use his knowledge in an instructional setting. Very good class control…”
Tom Drake, Oak Grove Baptist

“The conference was well planned, material was relevant and the presentation was engaging. Instructor was well versed on the topics and could provide examples to help convey the information being presented.”
Robert Lackey, Trinity Baptist Church

“Hopefully this will open the eyes of the administration to how much security is really needed. Wish this course was mandatory for all church pastors.”
Jack Beall, Victory

“Good information, eye opening, challenging, funny. Gives me all the tools I need to get started.”
CJ Ellis, New Covenant Fellowship

“This course has laid the foundation for us to start selling church leadership on the necessity of a program as well as the basics of considerations in producing a program.”
Lee Callaway, Trinity Baptist Church