Church Intruder Response Testimonials 9

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IFIR Macungie, PA 8/2010

“The instructor was outstanding in knowledge and ability to teach even a slow learner, like myself. This course will assist me in identifying what or who might be a threat. It has equipped me with various tools that will allow me to be more effective during security detail…I truly enjoyed this course. I found the information extremely valuable.”
Modesta Otero, Life Church

“This was an excellent presentation that covered many areas of church security. The presenter was well informed on the material presented and kept my attention the entire time. It was apparent [he] is passionate about the topic of church security and has a caring attitude.”
Bob Gerken, Faith Ev. Free

“We tend to address security needs in a shotgun approach. We need to be more organized and proactive about security. Instructor had an amazing knowledge of all areas of church security…[the training] has heightened my awareness in significant ways. And made me sensitive to the importance of friendliness and de-escalation as a way of diffusing potential problem situations.”
Mike Drake, First Presbyterian Allentown

“The course has provided me with the confidence and knowledge to better address concerns and challenges on the topic of church security.”
Darryl Wendling, Salem Bible Church

“[Instructor was] able to get across a lot of information in a short amount of time. Excellent real-world experience.”
Tom Wendling, Salem Bible Church

“I recommend this for everyone to expose more churches to this issue of security.”
Tom Gibson, Asbury UM

“Extremely thorough. Easy to understand. Had great ability to weave spiritual with practical applications.”
Bob Capik, Immaculate Heart of Mary

“Excellent program of instruction. Instructor kept students engaged throughout the blocks of instruction. Would highly recommend this course to any organization that either is starting up a security program or would just like a quick check to see if your security program is on track.”
Jim Ables, Pleasant View Baptist Church

“The program was nice. Bible verse application was important to us…The humor was appreciated.”
Jeffrey Hoffman, Salem Bible Church

IFIR Kansas City, MO 8/2010

“Instructor was very knowledgeable on all topics presented. This is a very good course for first timers. It covered a lot of areas that I did not think of. Being an Ex-Marine I would have took ‘em down, ask questions later, now I can change my way of thinking.”
Ted Kimzey, Pine Ridge Presbyterian

“I felt [instructor] delivered each topic with enthusiasm and [course] was very easy for anyone to understand. Kept my interest the entire session. I feel better aware of certain situations and how to properly handle them. Thank you so much, job very well done!”
Nedra Collins, Sheffield Family Life Center

“Thought it was good information. Saw how it could increase the safety of the church in a way that was under the radar. Good stuff.”
Jeff Spahn, Rock of KC

“[The training] pointed to some things we can do better and other things we need to teach our staff.”
Walter Young, Sheffield Family Life Center

“Knowledgeable but also humble, willing to listen to questions and comments but also address concerns.”
Jason Cooley, Crown Point

“Obvious that [instructor] has a lot of experience in this field and is good at passing that on to the class.”
Russ Ison, Country Meadows

“Gave me more practical ideas on how to deal with people face to face, as well as being bolder about making observations, not only in the church setting but in other activities as well.”
Charlotte Bushue, Sheffield Family Life Center

“[Instructor’s] passion for the subject was obvious in his delivery. Fun, interesting class. I saw many things I could (and will) implement into our existing program! Good use of my time.”
Paula Wolfe, Sheffield Family Life Center