Church Intruder Response Testimonials 2

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“The instructors are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable in law enforcement and have adapted it very well to the church environment. Course assisted me greatly in dealing with the public in a way that is not offensive or frightening in nature.”
David Sanders
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO
Intruder Response/Awareness, Pastoral Protection & Compliance Control Course

“The instructors were all very professional and presented the topics in a very informative, interesting way. TOP NOTCH COURSE!”
Kenneth Fulton
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO
Intruder Response/Awareness, Pastoral Protection & Compliance Control Course

“GREAT COURSE! I am in law enforcement but several others who attended the program were not. I thought the presentation showed others who are not security minded what we are truly up against. I’ve gone through months of police training and still learned things over the past 2 days that were not covered or discussed in the police academy.”
Kyle Duncan
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO
Intruder Response/Awareness, Pastoral Protection & Compliance Control Course

“EXCELLENT – in all respects . . . Experience, communication skills, expertise & motivated instructors. To be perfectly hones, I was not expecting this level of quality of instruction & I was pleasantly surprised. Basis awareness has been elevated to an appropriate level. Strategos training has got my attention and concern however more work needs to be accomplished. This weekend has provided a FIRM basis for the future security needs of this “Flock”.”
Bill Harkey
Security Team LaCroix United Methodist Church – Cape Girardeau, MO
Intruder Response/Awareness, Pastoral Protection & Compliance Control Course

“Course was EXCELLENT! Instructor was VERY knowledgeable in the area of church security. I was very impressed with the professional presentation and left with many good ideas to present to the Church leadership.”
Deputy Police Chief Don Poore
Paola, KS Police Department

“The delivery system was good. The information was presented in a logical manner and seemed appropriate to the topic being discussed. The injection of a little humor was a good thing. The presentation was professional, both visually and in the manner it was presented. The instructor was well prepared and had a good command of the material he was presenting. His passion for the topic was obvious and genuine.”
Steve Dennis
Facilities Manager
College Heights Christian Church – Joplin, MO

“Instructor was quite knowledgeable in the field in which he was instructing. It is great to have an instructor who has been in the “ring of fire” instead of someone who read it out of a book. My fellow church member and LEO brother commented that he had never been to Law Enforcement training where it was opened and closed with prayer and you listened to Christian music between breaks. And we have been in this profession a combined 50+ years. It was a positive atmosphere due to its locale, fellow attendees and instructors. Your organization is definitely a class act.”
Chief Mitch Hofmann
Spring Hill, KS Police Department

“The method of course content delivery was excellent and thought provoking. All questions were answered with deliberation and authority. The suggestions about working with local law enforcement and showing our appreciation of them were excellent. The knowledge of the instructor couldn’t have been better. His presentation skills were excellent and it was quite evident he was extremely knowledgeable. The course provided excellent resource material and ideas on a myriad of security measures to consider and implement.”
Bill Feldman
Security Team Chair & Usher
Faith Community Church – Kansas City, MO

“I felt the delivery of the presentation was effective, using the combination of video stories, powerpoint and guide book. The instructor presented the facts and topics with experienced confidence. The course will be a good tool & guidelines to assist with the decision of the security level our Church wants to achieve and will give us the presentation materials to present to security committe members.”
Mark White
Security Team Chair & Usher
First Baptist Church of Harrisonville, MO

“I thought everything was well organized and covered the topic very well. I really liked the way the scripture was incorporated into the presentation. You could have titled you course as “Faith Based Intruder Response”. The section on outreach to law enforcement was also excellent. The course material was excellent as well. We are currently reviewing all of our security procedures. This really helped us to add your material into our plans.”
Pastor Robert Cunningham
Minister of Adminstration
First Baptist Church of Maryville, IL

“The presentation as a whole was excellent. The content was great and the information was invaluable. This will assist us in better security during offering time and just better security as a whole for our grounds, our services and better for our church leadership. Thanks for this great ministry for the body of Christ. It is very evident that you and your staff are very passionate about this subject and it is very much appreciated that you are able to provide this needed service. God Bless You!”
Chris Meuli
Board Member & Finance
World Revival Church – Kansas City, MO

“I don’t know that it could be improved, but it left me wanting to attend other training on the topic, like the usher/greeter training and pastoral protection. I believe that this class is a “must attend” for all pastors and people in the area of security. It is so easy for us to slip into a faith-based system of denial in this area and not give it the attention that it deserves. Even having been a police officer for 14 years I found that I learned so much from this course. This was a practical, down to earth class that addressed a lot of needs at my church. We are just now starting a security ministry at my church from the ground up, and I thought that was going to be very easy. This class pointed out a number of important things that I hadn’t even thought of. Now I feel prepared to start getting involved in this area.”
Van Frederickson
Security Team & Police Officer
First Bible Baptist Church & Blue Springs, MO Police Department

“The video/presentation was done with excellence and I appreciated that. The curriculum encompassed a large amount of material and I was pleased with the level of that content. I am very pleased and will be attempting to get further information on training through your company specifically firearms training.”
Matt Loomis
Associate Pastor & Church Security Leader
Believers Tabernacle – Wichita, KS

“The course was excellent. The instructor was VERY knowledgeable in the area of Church security. I feel that this course could have easily been a 2-day course. Lots of valuable information. I was impressed with the professional presentation. One of the better trainings I have attended over the past 2-3 years. Will definitely consider attending more of your seminars.”
Don Poore
Security Team Leader & Deputy Police Chief
Life Spring Church – Spring Hill, KS/Paola, KS Police Department

“Great! Information only a law enforcement officer would know. Very interesting and informative.”
Sergio Romo
New Harvest Church, CA

“There was a tremendous amount of information provided but instructional methods used made the curriculum manageable. Instructors’ personal knowledge and expertise, along wit personal experience assisted greatly in the understandable presentation of the material”
Ron Glover
Community Baptist Church of Norwalk, CA

“I think the instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the information in a very personable way. The information given was quite informative. The printed material will be a great aid in putting together proper plans and procedures regarding security in critical areas.”
Yvon Carter
Tower of Faith Evangelical Church, CA

“The delivery of instruction was very informative and professional. I was very impressed with the contents and multi-media presentations. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the field of church security. As a retired police chief with 33 years of service and 4 years of military (USMC) training I learned a lot from this instructor on the security of churches. 100% satisfied with the course and instruction. Highly recommended for all churches in today’s society.”
Alvin Brown
Abundant Living Family Church, CA

“ A++ Thanks! We are in the first stages of getting our Risk/Security program in order. This helps show how far we’ve come as well as next steps to take. I thing we’ve done well on all areas with the exception of Intruder Response. This material is a good foundation to begin formalizing the next steps.”
John Byers
Lighthouse Christian, CA

“Excellent, great personal illustrations (I could have listened to more!!)”
Dan Fox
Faith Community, CA