Church Intruder Response Testimonials 3

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“ Excellent, kept things moving, not boring, used humor. Instructor very approachable and thorough in answering questions.”
Kathy Rodriguez
Elsinore First Assembly, CA

“This course information will assist us in evaluating current safety procedures and protocol along with sparking ideas of what we can do better.”
Fred Rodriguez
Elsinore First Assembly, CA

“Never a dull moment. Lots of information. Information was well delivered. This is a great outline to target our needs as we develop a team.”
Ken Wood
Elsinore First Assembly, CA

“Instructors well versed in subject matter. Our church does not have a security program to my knowledge. This will provide a good starting point for a program. Very informative-Caused me to rethink a few issues.”
George Carey
Woodland Park Christian, CA

“Entire presentation was outstanding- it is obvious whoever put the presentation and program together took into account every detail and may be experienced in ‘techniques of teaching’ all pertinent learning domains were addressed. This course validated many of current practices but introduced new concepts. Identifying patterns and trends in active shooter scenarios was important! I.E. Shooters tend to enter after service started.”
Ruben Chavez
Home Church, CA

“Excellent The fact that (instructors) come from extensive law enforcement background is a real plus. This gave us a good understanding as to where our church is security-wise. Also ideas on implementing training for our ushers and greeters.”
Bill Erforth
Home Church, CA
“Very easy to listen to. Seemed to know a lot about what he had to say”
Jimmy Zren
Home Church, CA

“I found many important areas that we hadn’t given thought to or acted upon. We have a good start but a long ways to go.”
Aubrey Parrott
Venture Church, CA

“The course gave a great overview by which I will be able to evaluate our church security. The goal is for us to increase the security capabilities at out church.”
Rick Wheeler
Cornerstone, CA

“Awesome job. I’ve been in law enforcement for 33 years and I have attended hundreds of classes. This class was the BEST class I have ever attended. The material was current and the instructors were dynamic and informative. This class confirmed our need to put together a preparedness plan and train church members.”
Dean Meynard
North Park Community Church

“This course will assist in every aspect of beginning a security team, and making it a professional team.”
Donald Penner
Northside Christian Church, CA

“A well laid out curriculum I was impresses all the way through the course.”
Harry Padilla
Home Church, CA

“I think this is better for civilian volunteers. There is tons of knowledge that can be imparted to them. As a “lifer” Law Enforcement career, I am here to support raising up the security team in the church and this course will be highly beneficial. Hope to bring you back so more Santa Clara County Churches can take advantage of your expertise, experience and dedication to the program.”
Debbie Schembri
Home Church, CA

“Excellent, informative, useful tools and workbook great networking source. Funny sense of humor lightened but did not lessen the importance of the seminar.”
Lori Miller
New Covenant Community Church, CA

“Excellent, relevant, useful and thorough without being tedious.”
Tommy Culwell
Colonial Hill Baptist Church, TX

“Instructor definitely knows what he’s talking about. The subject of an armed intruder or disruptive person in a worship service is daunting. Instructor teaches based on biblical principles making it a ministry of service. (This Training) will help us continue to serve our church family and community in excellence and to increase our entire staff’s awareness and ability.”
Jack Higgins
FBC Bay City, TX

“Enjoyed it very much-hope to attend more training in the future.”
Calvin Benford
Christian Faith Center, TX

“The instructor was very well prepared. He made the class very interesting and kept my interest from beginning to end. I believe our church will be a much safer place to attend.”
Angel Becerril
Iglesia del Dios Vivo, TX

“Very good instruction with a variety of tools that made the presentation interesting, understandable, applicable and captivating. Up to date and real time information was presented. Used applicable scenarios and situational techniques that can be applied to my church situation. Learned some very useful techniques, rules and procedures that should be implemented to make our church safer and a church that is aware of the situation that we all face in today’s world.”
Dennis Coffman
Sun Valley Baptist Church, TX

“Quality information delivered in a professional and extremely helpful manner.”
Joe Wallin
First United Methodist, TX