Church Intruder Response Testimonials 4

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“We have several issues with security that the course pointed out.”
Jack Berg
Sun Valley Baptist, TX

“Appreciated the experience based instruction and scriptural back up that accompanied the material.”
Brad Ellis
First Presbyterian – Midland, TX

“Extremely professional presentation. Wonderfully educational and very entertaining. Gained lots of information to update all policies and procedures and items to teach our greeters, ushers and security teams.”
Kris Crow
Crossroads Fellowship, TX

“Excellent information but most impressed with how much he cares.” (Regarding instructor)
Jay Stovall
First United Methodist, TX

“I am eager to begin creating a procedure/ policy and security team. I have good information and a good place to begin”
Kelley Trimble
South Main Baptist Church – Pasadena, TX

“Well explained, good examples, very powerful teaching.”
Jacob Pineda
Believers Tabernacle – Wichita, KS

“The expertise showed feeling of confidence that we had hired the right people to teach our security team.”
Sandy Patterson
Believers Tabernacle – Wichita, KS

“Very well taught. You could tell the instructors had a passion about what they were teaching.”
Robert King
Believers Tabernacle – Wichita, KS

“This course exposed how inadequately prepared our church is to effectively respond to any type of crisis during the worship time.”
Randy Yeisley
Evangel AG – Wichita, KS

“Very easy to follow, along with a comfortable environment. Learning proper tactics will be crucial in the protection of our church and patrons.”
Jason Rabe
Northside Church – Clovis, CA

“Great! The instruction was delivered in a well thought out approach in a relaxed manner, which also allowed time for questions and discussion with the participants.”
Charlie Arnold
Northside Church – Clovis, CA

“Helps to see from different aspect and to realize we have an obligation to be aware of what is going on in our church.”
Stephen Basty
Kearney First Baptist – Kearney, MO

“The course was interesting and informative throughout. Looking back I can’t believe we spent 6-7 hours because it seemed much quicker. This opened my eyes to the simple adjustments that can be made to create a much safer environment. I believe that with what you showed us we can make some minor changes that no one will notice coupled with better awareness that will help ensure the security of our church.”
Eric Shumate
Kearney First Baptist – Kearney, MO

“Feel like the faith based approach is very good. This is not another security program that is a ‘fit all’ type program. “
Pat McGuire
Kearney First Baptist – Kearney, MO

“The instructor was well versed on the subject and impressed me with his great application of common sense to adapt to the scenarios we presented to him.”
Fred Wolpert
Kearney First Baptist – Kearney, MO

“This class was relaxed but very informative and interactive. The presentation was very friendly, knowledgeable, and obviously the goal was to enhance our churches worship wile prudently protecting the flock.”
Harry Griffin
Kearney First Baptist – Kearney, MO

“Awesome job! The course was packed full of information that pertained to ALL aspects of church safety and security. We will definitely use the information as guidelines. Thank you for creating ‘The Wheel’”
Don Weaver
Erie Christian Fellowship – Erie, PA

“(Instructor was) Top notch! Did a great job of relating to the group while using his background and experience within the church.”
Paul Wain
Memorial Park Church – PA

“ I can’t believe how naïve I’ve been about Security issues. I have a new awareness of even some simple steps toward making our church a safer place to worship.”
Betty Beck
Erie First Assembly of God – Erie, PA

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and more importantly passionate about church leaders taking responsibility to oversee and provide for the safety of their flocks.”
Paul Becker
JR Memorial Park Church – PA