Church Intruder Response Testimonials 5

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“Excellent use of PowerPoint’s and videos to keep attention of attendees, very relevant material which greatly helped give our team a solid basis for professionalizing our security team. Instructor was very knowledgeable on the topics discussed. The course will assist me and our team to better prepare our security team and it gave us a solid foundation to continue protecting the congregation.”
Jeff Holoweinko
Erie Christian Fellowship – Erie, PA

“This course had a lot of excellent points to show church leaders as to why security and safety is important.”
Frank Geramita
Monroeville AoG – Monroeville, PA

“Curriculum is thorough, informative, and enlightening. Professional and knowledgeable. Very Christian based. Gave me new insights on ways to prevent future complications.”
James Moore
Central AoG – PA

“Raised my awareness of concerns I had never considered. Gave me an outline to build upon. I now know where to go for help.”
Mike Wells
First Baptist – PA

“Wake up call for the need to get things in place in several areas.”
Ray Jacobs
Faith Family Church – PA

“Invaluable information we didn’t have before. Opened my eyes to another world.”
Ralph Brooks
First Baptist – PA

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and very personable. He was able to elaborate and go in-depth on the information on the slides.”
Joseph Ellis
Minerva First Christian – PA

“Another great exercise! Learned a lot about how to look for signals by people who want to harm others AND how to stop them. Tremendous Instruction!!”
Roger Booth
Beech Street First Baptist Church – Texarkana, AR

“Fully prepared with excellent knowledge of subject matter…Excellent feedback to class questions.”
Chris Rankin
Spring Lake Baptist – TX

“Generated ideas that I can share with security team to be prepared for possible attacks.”
Mark Rinehart
First Baptist Church Atlanta – Atlanta, TX

“Extremely useful and presented in a manner that conveyed urgency without creating paranoia. I will definitely know what to look for in a crowd and how to respond. THANKS GUYS! I consider you instrumental in the future safety of our church.”
Beatriz Hill
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“Outstanding program, covered topics I hadn’t considered previously- creative ways to lock doors, meet guests.” After listening to instructor’s presentation, I realized the only thing we could have done differently to keep Terry from killing Fred would have been if someone had escorted him to a seat- he came late and looked so ‘NORMAL’”.
Linda Cunningham
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“The delivery and presentation was excellent. I really enjoyed the way scripture was incorporated into the presentation. I think this course will definitely make me more aware and give me a better sense of what to look for.”
Micah Hall
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“I was present and assisting with Pastor Fred when he was shot. I work the preschool Dept desk at the 8:15 service and want to be aware and prepared for any security/medical emergency. The videos helped to lighten the intensity of the presentation. All of us here are very aware the Enemy can still use all kinds of attacks to distract us and discourage us. Pastor Fred always asked us to ask ourselves, ‘did you do your best?’ Now we are doing our best to be prepared in this area. The ‘intruder awareness’ will really help me at the Preschool front desk with specifics on how to respond to a lock-down.”
Kathleen Dawson
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“Presentation as very food, in all aspects. Maintained a Christian concept throughout. I feel this course will help me in being much more alert as a greeter. I will be more observing.“
Bob Truller
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“I help with greeting and Welcome Center, also was present when Pastor Fred was shot. You helped a lot even if I never have to use what I learned. Outstanding instruction. Very personable instructors. Outstanding in their knowledge of security. I will be much more aware of things around me while n church service.”
Loydene Wilson
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“I have a high interest in serving on Security Team, because of past experience as a high school principal and as Crisis Intervention Team at Mississippi River Festival and of course because of Pastor Fred. (Delivery of instruction was) Very interesting- clear and well presented. Slides were helpful (and some were entertaining). Handbook is excellent- simple, direct, easy to follow, well-organized, etc. Presenters were excellent! They communicated effectively and interjected some humor into very serious and somewhat scary info! Role-playing helped us a great deal to get a feel for real life! The entire team seemed knowledgeable, informed, and experienced. Information was well organized and well presented. I especially liked workbook format and the audio visuals. This has given us a clearer , more organized approach. Each group (parking lot, greeters, ushers, and security) has a better idea of our responsibilities and how to execute them. THANK YOU for coming! It is very sad-and perhaps a bit frightening – to see that our church is now one of your examples of a “church shooting”! Even though we experienced it, somehow it seems surreal!”
Sonya Adkerson
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“The events at our church 3/8/09 dramatically changed our ideas of security and safety at God’s house. The only improvement is to keep doing what you are doing to train as many churches as possible. Thank you for coming to our church.”
Scott Sellers
First Baptist of Maryville, IL

“I believe the information, verbally and through the literature as well as action, was informative and needed in today’s church. Thank you for taking the time with us today. God bless you and this ministry. It has made me be more aware to be watchful even in church surroundings.”
George Newton
Oak Ridge Baptist – Kansas City, KS

“(I was) requested by pastor to come back to our church and give classes to our staff. This is a very informative class and very well instructed. Instructor and his staff were outstanding, I will recommend to our pastor for you to come to our church. Thanks!!!”
James Whitfield
Living Word Church – Junction City, KS