School Intruder Response Testimonials 1

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“I totally dreaded going to Friday’s professional development for Sedalia #200 Public School. I was very nervous about how the topic would be presented and I did NOT want to participate in the simulated intruder scenarios. HOWEVER, today I am REALLY GLAD that I attended. I left feeling empowered and grateful about what I learned.  It was one of the best professional development trainings that I have ever attended.”
Lisa Everhart – Sedalia, MO #200 Public Schools

“The training represented a good balance of direct instruction, Q&A and hands on. It provided a realistic glimpse of the timing & apprpriate response needed during these types of situations.”
Chris Denham
Director of Secondary Services – Mexico, MO School District

“The course was very informative and a good experience. I saw things from a different angle & very eye opening.”
Christopher Felmlee
Superintendent – Van-Far, MO School District

“Great class, all teachers and school personnel should take this class!”
Dennis Harper
Richmond, MO School District

“Good, informative course. Good to see history & changes over years with the infusion of current videos VERY powerful! Something that ALL teachers should attend. Good ‘Common Sense’ information presented that ‘laymen’ don’t know.”
Greg Swaggart
Teacher – Lee’s Summit (MO) West High School

“Great training experience. The reality of the training was ‘eye opening’!”
Lisa Butts
Asst. Prinicipal – Liberty, MO School DIstrict

“Great training and knowledge”

“Very knowledgeable, patient and convincing. Excellent teachers.”

“Very informative, applicable information, presented well.”

“All seemed very knowledgeable and instructed info well”

“Outstanding presenter, well versed, personable”

“Invaluable training. Very well done.”

“I feel Mark taught a very well prepared class. I learned a lot.”

“Instructor did very well.”

“This is a great awareness and teaching tool to all schools, malls, business offices, etc. I highly recommend it”

“Did a great job. Very fun and learned a lot.”
Kirk Blehm
Callaway County, MO Sheriffs

“We all need training to prepare for the inevitable.”
Paul Long MSHP

“Interesting subject matter, applicable to work environment. Good mix of lecture, class involvement and scenarios. Good explanation, showed reason s behind ideology.”
Ron Danvser
Missouri School for the Deaf

“It is important to have these skills and keep up to date on the latest training for the safety of our students…Just in case. Very informative, lots of things presented that I need to do to improve our lockdown procedures. Great experience-especially to see how different/older methods are ineffective.”
Teresa Arms
Fulton, MO High School

“Outstanding, clear, concise, well researched”
Donald Dobson
Fulton, MO High School

“This training is needed in this day and age.”
Jean Kraus
Williams Woods University

“Best class I’ve attended. Awesome.”
Richard Paulo
Allied Barton Security

“Informative, gave techniques and reasoning.”
Kevin Pigford
Lincoln University