School Intruder Response Testimonials 3

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“Provided useful ideas/strategies for what to do in the event an intruder is inside or outside the school.”
Hale, MO

“Makes me more aware of how to keep students safe in different areas under an assortment of issues.”
Sherry Copple
Hale R-I

“Very knowledgeable and relayed information in an easy to understand manner.”
Curtis Hays
Chilicothe Police Department

“…took us through hands-on training that really helped us prepare for future situations.”
Keith Berger
Hale High School

“The presentation was interesting, the scenarios, well, first terrifying and then empowering. I’m so glad I did this.”
Shirley Thompson
Hale R-I

“It was a great learning experience and will help me become more aware of what I need in this type of situation.”
Kathy Nelson
Hale R-I

“The course was very informative and should help us anticipate these situations. God forbid that we encounter such things, but we will be better prepared as a result of your efforts.”

“Very good instructors. Explained everything and came up with different situations that we could learn from.”

“Good job explaining and clarifying info throughout the course.”

“I learned so much! Thank you for coming in and helping. I feel MUCH more prepared now.”
Jefferson City, MO

“I think this is a course that all teachers/staff should experience every year. It was a very productive day. Thank you!”

“Enjoyed enthusiasm displayed by all instructors. Very important training, serious content.”

“Instructors were all very patient and explained very well. Awesome training.”

“Thanks – I learned a lot! Very informative and got me to think of things I never would have. The afternoon simulations were very effective and I think all school staff should participate.”

“This was amazing! I think every teacher should take this class. It prepares you much better than any college class I ever took!”
Urbana, MO

“Best inservice I have ever attended, great job!!!”

“extremely informative. This training really made me rethink my school’s safety issues. The information presented was good and the scenario run-throughs were invaluable.”

“We need more training like this. The instructors were well-versed and knowledgeable.”
Hayti, MO

“Makes you aware of the possibilities that could take place at any time.”
Rob Hosey

“Good balance of keeping subject light-hearted and providing seriousness.”

“Great practice for an intruder – it made me think in ways I never had before.”
“Great practice. Very empowering!”

“An excellent teaching/learning opportunity. I feel much more prepared.”

“I learned so much today. Before this, I would have wanted to hide, now I know better.”

“Instructor did a great job of bringing the situation to life (and) explained well what we were to do in each situation.”

“Instructor was very intelligent on the subject area and presented very useful, professional content and suggestions.”

“It was more valuable than I thought it would be. I will keep much of this info in my mind when I go to many places, especially somewhere I am not familiar with.”

“This training is invaluable and long overdue. Thank you!!”

“It was easy to understand. I don’t feel helpless anymore.”

“The presentation of the material was excellent! The simulations were realistic and a good way to test the new techniques learned.”

“I feel better aware/prepared to face an intruder. I also have more confidence in the decisions I may need to make.”
Macon, MO