School Intruder Response Testimonials 6

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“I didn’t know how to secure my area before this class. Now, I have more information and hopefully I will never have to use it.”
Tassy McCauley, WHS

“I feel empowered! There is something everyone can do even if we don’t have all of the security measures in place.”
Brenna Caldwell, Thayer Elementary

“I feel better prepared to protect my students.”
Heather Allen, East Elementary

“The instructor was awesome! Would totally recommend this training! I feel a lot more confident in executing lockdown procedures after this training!”
Debbie Kleuholz, WHS

“Very knowledgeable instructors. Great presentations and scenarios.”
Lisa Parker, Dixon Elem

“Great presentation…very informational and gave a great amount of information that I did not know that I can use with my job.”
Maria Engle, Dixon Elem

“Excellent! The scenarios really opened up my eyes to how important it is to be prepared.”
Emily Burris, Dixon Elem

“Very good! Makes me feel much more confident.”
Emily Spooner, WHS

“I feel more prepared and should have a faster reaction time in a moment of distress.”
Brandi Vanzant, Dixon Elem

“Loved the scenarios. Having the hands on demonstrations were great!”
Brittani Tiefenbrunn, WMS

“Great information and interesting presentation. Had my full attention.”
Kaitlin Rapone, WMS