School Intruder Response Testimonials 2

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“I thought that all of the instructors were all excellent and did a great job! It was very eye opening.”

“This really gotten me thinking about my classroom & what I have that would keep an intruder out & how I could distract or slow him down.”

“Good Stuff- It was nice to hear & see this from the teacher’s side.”

“Scenario was very believable. Different levels (past, present, future) help drive home the point of continuing education at all levels.”

“This is a MUST for rural schools that have no School Resource Officer’s because of budget cuts & lack of funding. Truly students & staff are at best 10-15 minutes away from help.”

“Overall was an excellent & informative experience. I plan to share what I learned with our building principal & staff.”

“The instructors did a great job! They explained and answered all my questions.”

“I can’t believe how much I learned. I was so nervous, but now I feel prepared.”

“Very well done! I was engaged the entire time. Instructor did a great job teaching/speaking”

“I found this course very empowering. To be a part of the different scenarios & experience the emotions was very helpful.”

“Thank you so much! I feel so much more prepared. Thank you for all you do.”

“…Instructor seems very experienced and qualified to instruct others on the information and techniques that were presented in this course. Well Done!”

O’Fallon MO

“I think about how little I knew about proper safety precautions prior to this class and I feel like I’ve been a sitting duck all of these years. We were taught to hide and be quiet…that clearly isn’t enough. I’m grateful that now I know better.”
Stephanie O’Keefe
Christian High School

“Excellent, interesting and very informative! The hands on training was most beneficial.”
Karen Kesler
Christian High School

“I thought I was going to see a demonstration not participation, the whole experience was a rollercoaster, ups and downs of emotions and knowledge.”
Daniel Calbreath
Waynesville, MO

“Loved this-was very great lesson. Wish I had it sooner! Everyone should have to take it!”

“I think this program was well worth my time.”

“Very realistic, incredibly valuable training.”

“Very informative…kept our attention and made it fun at the same time while being serious when it needed to be.”

“[Instructors] did an amazing job. Very eye opening experience. All teachers should have this training.”

“Excellent job by the instructors. Super job of transferring to real life scenario.”

“Extremely valuable, life-saving information and practice. Thank you.”

Waynesville, MO

“I am in the main office. Probably first point of contact. Will (now) know what to do to contact police and keep people safe. I think all school personel should go through this course.”
Faith Dunn
East Elementary

“Every teacher in the country should go through this type of training prior to entering the classroom.”
Jason B. Jones
Waynesville Career Center

“This gave me info that I can use not only on the job but anywhere, anytime. I feel prepared and empowered to deal with a crisis situation.”
Brenna Caldwell
Thayer Elementary

“This was the best training we have ever been offered. Really useful information. Thank you.”
Ron Alkin
Waynesville Career Center

“Good flow of information and excellent images and video to reinforce. This helps bring to reality the forefront of safety for scenarios to help prevent catastrophe’s from happening.”
Jeremy Moats
Waynesville Career Center

“Very up to date and relevant learning material. Real life and actual photo footage bring home the reality of this topic and security of school.”
Matthew Johnson
Waynesville Middle School

“I am ultimately responsible for safety of students and staff. This training gives me and my assistants a better understanding of needed change in our crisis plan.”
Jess Grizzell
Waynesville Middle School