“Tis the season to be” … aware

While most look heavenward in worship, make sure at least some eyes are gazing at the entrances and parking lots.

By Vaughn Baker
President, Strategos International

Sometimes people think we’re the Grinch when we insist on a continual state of awareness. Especially at Christmas.

“Can’t we take just one day off?”

I wish I could say yes. But think of the consequences if an intruder chose your Christmas worship services to kill and destroy. It would forever mar your congregation’s celebration of Christ’s birth.

We’re not killjoys. In fact, we’re just the opposite. If you have a designated security team in place, then worshipers can focus on the event and the Savior without glancing nervously around for sketchy characters.

In addition, we counsel churches to help every ministry develop a security mindset. Awareness is not something for an elite team – we all need to have eyes wide open. From the parking lot to the nursery, no one should have their head in the sand.

With a healthy approach to security, your Christmas guests and the vast majority of your congregation can enjoy a “Silent Night” without a thought of mayhem.